My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Friday, August 26, 2011

Update .....

God, I really do not know where to begin.  I had planned to tell you about last weekend with Aaron, but something unexpected happened last night and I have to tell you about it because it really caught me off guard, but when I arrived here today the page went straight to my "dashboard" and before I could start writing something immediately caught my eye from the area where it shows all of the recent posts from blogs I follow, and when I saw something posted from the blog entitled "Cuckolding", I did not have the will power to ignore it so I went to the blog where I found some incredibly hot interracial cuckolding videos, and cuckolding in and of itself is something that makes me tremendously aroused, but the interracial aspect makes it so incredibly hotter (for me anyway), and then what adds to this in a huge way is, so many of these women seem to be blondes in the 30s-40s (like me) , and many actually seem to have a resemblance to ME or my body type, so as I stared so wide-eyed at these incredible video clips,  I could not help but imagine that the wife being used in some of these cuckold videos was ME *blush*, and the video at the top of the page, which is entitled "Cuckold Hall of Fame" omg, I can barely focus on writing this after watching it, and this is after I could not stop myself from fingering myself right in my office here at work because these videos left my cunt in an incredibly desperate state, and even after cumming HARD, my clit is still talking to me and begging for more, and it is taking all of the will power I have to stay here and finish writing because I sooooooo want to return to that blog and continue watching more interracial cuckold videos, but I did promise to tell you more about Aaron, so I will have to do my best to postpone my personal lewd entertainment until a little later.  This also reminds me that I have to bring all of you up to date about my own "continuing education" in regard to interracial cuckolding, but until I can do that, I will tell you that it has been a summer that I will never forget, and my husband will likely not forget it for a long, long time either :)

I hope everyone likes the pics I posted of Aaron's hot young body and his big beautiful shaved cock.  I almost forgot how much I enjoy "teaching" him, although I must admit, he is a very fast learner.  When I initially seduced him I never imagined him to be as skilled as he is because most younger guys cum very fast, and Aaron was no different the first couple of times we fucked, and I truly loved seducing him and showing off for him as I pretended to not be aware of him watching me undress after coming home from work.  I look back on the last year and I am very grateful that none of this has blown up in my face because my bout of control lust has put me in some risky situations, and what took place with Aaron was, and still is, very risky for me as well, given his age (although he IS legal) and the fact that his mother and father and entire family  have been close  friends of my husband  and his family for many years, but even when I started my little showoff game with him, I guess I will admit that I believed my own lie because early on I believed I had full control over the situation, but when I start to get really aroused, rational decision making becomes secondary because when I get to a certain point, my seemingly always hungry cunt begins making my decisions for me *blush* and I knew when I was pretending that I didn't know he was watching as I stripped off my clothes, the night I became so aroused that I masturbated on my bed as he watched, I KNEW then that I could not stop at just pretending to showoff.  No way, and especially with the way his young eyes would eye me my body whenever he was around, and my plan back fired  on me because pretending to not know he was watching me undress put me in a constant state or arousal whenever I was near him, and parading around in my Wicked Weasel bikinis when he was over cleaning the pool or mowing our lawn only made me hornier when I would catch him staring at my almost naked body, and of course my goal was to turn him on and make me want me even more than he already probably did, once I saw the outline of his HARD COCK in his shorts one day after wearing my yellow Wicked Weasel bikini, I knew in that moment that I HAD TO have his young cock.

When he came home last weekend and our eyes met from across the yard, I knew that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him, and when he walked through my kitchen door later that day, we were like 2 animals.  Before I finished kissing him I could already feel his rock hard cock pressing against my belly through his thin shorts, and in seconds I dropped to my knees and took his rigid cock deep in to my warm wet mouth as I hungrily sucked his cock.  I LOVED hearing him moan and tell me "God I missed your mouth and wet cunt so much".
We fucked in every position imaginable, but my favorite with Aaron (and anyone who has a BIG cock) has always been when he fucks me hard from behind while I am on all fours because for a young guy he is a very skilled lover and he quickly recognized my submissive tendencies last year after fucking me for a little while (I taught him well :), and whenever he fucks me like this, he always grabs my hair and this just makes me hotter.  he also learned quickly that dirty talk can make me CRAZY HOT, and hearing his balls slapping against my wet cunt and hearing him call me a hot MILF slut had me cumming uncontrollably.  Incredibly, Aaron held back from cumming for quite a long time but I did still make him cum twice.  The first time was as he fucked me and when he came, omg, he shot a river of hot cum up my back, and what I love about fucking an 18 yr old is, hios cock does not even get soft after he cums and he just keeps going, so I quickly recovered and took his cock back in to my mouth because I LOVE tasting my juices on a big hard cock and after sucking his cock and teasing him for another 30 minutes or so, he let out a loud moan and came all over my pretty face as I begged him to do so *blush*, and one of the hottest parts of this was, my husband arrived him about 45 minutes later and I immediately ordered him to eat me, and he saw the devilish grin on my face, and as soon as he tasted my cunt he moaned loudly and this gave me a clear sign that he was tasting the cum that was now dripping from my well fucked cunt, and I was tempted to tell him who's cum it was, but he knows Aaron is home this weekend, and my husband is a very intelligent man :)

I have no time now to tell you about my "unexpected" occurrence, but I will be sure to tell you all about it the next time I write because it is one of the hottest ideas/fantasies I have heard in awhile.  It involves a couple that I met on a local chat line, and at first I thought the guy was bullshitting that his gf was there with him, but she talked to me as well, and and the idea they presented to me (after they had me soaked and masturbating shamelessly)  is that they would direct me to a predetermined local motel room and I would walk in to a room without knowing who was in the room, and I be used like a dirty little whore by a TOTAL STRANGER, although the stranger is "in" on this too, but I would not know who it is, and will not be allowed to even know his name or have any small talk before hand.

There is soooo much more to tell you, so stay tuned .....


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My neighbors hot young son

I still have to give you the details of my fun with young Aaron last weekend but I unfortunately will have to do this tiomorrow because I have run out of time today, but I do have some pics of my young stud to share with all of you so you can see the hot body and beautiful big young cock that my soon to be 19 yr old stud gives to me.

You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the pics, but I will try to find the time to make them appear closer to where and what I am writing about.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip to the Mall

I didn't think I was going to have enough time to write today but my husband plane home was delayed so I have a little extra time that I initially didn't think I would have.

I went on Saturday when it was nice and sunny outside because it was suppose to rain yesterday and I didn't want the mall to be filled with teenagers, although teenage boys can be lots of fun to tease too *blush*

I decided to wear one of my favorite summer dresses to go shopping inIt is a Short Snap-Front Polo Tee-Shirt Dress from my favorite store (VS of course), and I love this dress so much that I bought it in 3 different colors, white, black, and brown, and it is perfect for my shopping trip because it is casual yet sexy, and it clings to my body and is casual enough for me to either wear sandals with it, or I can also easily wear a sexy pair of heels as well, so when I wore it this time I decided to wear 4 inch peep toe heels, because earlier in the day I gotten my regularly scheduled manicure/pedicure and I knew where I would he going so it was not too difficult to make a choice regarding what color polish I wanted (red, of course) because it is one of my favorite colors for polish (for obvious reasons *blush*) because it quickly puts me in a naughty and devilish mood, but red polish has a way of always doing that to me.
A big reason for me choosing the dress that I wore was because it is white and shows off my tan skin nicely, but is also a snug fit and the material is thin, so I will not go as far as saying the dress is see thru, but if I wear a black bra/thong, or a brightly colored bra/thong set such as red or yellow, someone walking behind me will easily be able to see it thru my dress, and after modeling all 3 colors in front of my mirror that morning, I decided on wearing my favorite black lace demi bra that barely contains my nipples with it sexy lace half cups, and I wore black lace cheeky panties from VS as well.
The other aspect of this dress that I love is that it has snaps up the entire front of the dress, which means I can choose to leave as many snaps unsnapped as I like, but on this particular day, I decided to walk in with 3 snaps unsnapped from the neck, and 1 snap unsnapped from the hemline, and so you can get a visual on what I am talking about you can either go to and see the short snap-front dress for yourself, or I can tell you that by me leaving 3 snaps unsnapped from my neck, my cleavage was already visible, and especially seeing the bra I was wearing is a push up bra, and if I have the courage to unsnap 4 snaps from the neck, it will literally show the entire middle portion of my bra/breasts right to the bottom of the cups, and by leaving one snap unsnapped at the hemline, I was showing quite a bit of leg, and especially when I was walking or sitting.  If I get to a point where I am bold enough to unsnap 2 snaps from the hemline, it will not be difficult to flash glimpses of my panties even as I walk, and most definitely if I was sitting crossing/uncrossing my legs.

But a big part of how I showoff is by pretending to act is if I am not totally aware of the fact that I am showing as much as I am, but believe me, I am 100% aware of what I am doing, and the affect it has on people.  I get so aroused when I am walking in the mall and there are 2-3 young guys walking closely behind me and I can hear them whispering things like "omg, do you see that", and I will always act as if I don't hear them, but I will admit that when I do hear things like this I can't help but shake it a little bit more just to make them a little more crazy :) 

Damn, my husband just called and his flight finally arrived and he is in a cab on his way home, so I have to hurry, but if I can't finish today I will finish tomorrow, but will do my best now to tell all.

I walked around and shopped in stores, making sure to linger in certain areas whenever I felt someones eyes on me, and I love going to areas where they have counters because it is so easy to tease the sales clerks, because what I do is lean over the counter as if I am preoccupied with looking at something, and this usually gives a sales clerk a birds eye view down my unsnapped dress, and my favorite time to do this is when I am not wearing a bra, but it is arousing even when I am wearing a bra, and especially with the bra I was wearing because as I mentioned earlier, the half cups barley contain my dark responsive nipples and all I have to do is move a certain way for them to begin to reveal themselves.  Yes, I can make the entire nipple pop out over the cups, but I don't want that to happen because it would be too obvious, but after practicing a bit, if  I move slightly, part of the areola will become visible, and I LOVE seeing a sales person do an immediate double take when this happens.

But the highlight of my afternoon was when I had lunch at one of the restaurants.  After having a drink at the bar, and watching the crowd, I decided on sitting at a table close to a married couple that was maybe in their early 40s having lunch.  I decided to sit near them because it became obvious that the husband liked the view of my legs while sitting at the bar, and I LOVE teasing guys when they are out with a gf or wife because I know they are not likely to approach me.  So I sat facing the husband with his wife's back facing me.  I made it a point to not make eye contact with thee husband because I did not want to be obvious about it, but I positioned my chair perfectly in his line of sight and began crossing and uncrossing my legs as I looked through the menu, and I also would sit with both feet on the floor with my feet together, but I would sneakily glance over the top of my menu and when I knew the husband was staring, I would then cross my legs but do it a bit slower so give him a clear look between my legs all the way to my panties.

After doing this for quite awhile, I finished lunch and was eager to return home now so I could shamelessly masturbate to my hearts content, because at that point I could feel that the crotch of my black lace cheeky panties were saturated from me being so aroused and my clit was literally throbbing.

I did drive by the club that I mentioned wanting to go to on Sat night, but I didn't have any cocktails before hand and I was far too nervous to walk in on my own, especially being completely sober at that moment, but there is always this coming weekend because it is likely that my husband will be away on business again, so we shall see. 

I will have to finish this tomorrow because I have no time left to tell you about Aaron :) but I will say this, he did come home and I did get to fuck and suck his glorious big young eager shaved cock TWICE, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Husband is away on business until Monday :)

My husband flew to St Louis this morning for a business trip and he will not return until Monday afternoon, so I have 3 glorious days to indulge in my favorite past time; being a little slut *blush*

And I just learned last night that Aaron, my neighbors son, will be home for the weekend, and I have not had his incredible big young cock since he was home from school in May, so I cannot wait to lure him to my cunt.
I also may take a trip to a mall to do some shopping, but probably only if it rains but they are forecasting thunder storms here for both Sat and Sun, so I may actually get there, and I am sure all of you know that shopping is usually a code word that  I use for indulging in my exhibitionist desires, but I usually am not blatant about this, although I have had my moments, because when I start getting consumed by the horniness as I do this, the hornier I become usually leads to be becoming bolder in my actions, and I do LOVE going to certain shoe stores and shoe departments of the higher end department stores, because I love to tease and showoff, and usually do it in a way where it might appear as though I am not fully aware that I am showing so much, but believe me, I am 100% fully aware of what I am showing and what can be seen because I have actually sat in front of a mirror at home and I will cross and uncross my legs, or lean over with my blouse slightly unbuttoned as if I am leaning over a counter at a store, and I do this to learn about what someone may or may not will be able to see from certain angles.

and I love the summer (naturally *blush*) because I can dress so much more revealing, and having small perky breasts (34b) make it easy for me to not wear a bra, although my nipples are very sensitive and ultra responsive, and I absolutely LOVE catching people staring at them when they are rock hard and soooo visible *blush*

I am even considering going out alone on Sat night to a particular night club because I have been aching to go, although I may need to have a few cocktails in order to actually walk in there because it is club that caters predominantly to more of an African-American crowd *huge blush*

Do you think an attractive 30-something blonde wearing a wedding ring will attract a little attention walking in all alone?  *blush*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer time means less clothes and more skin

I love the summer months because it is the perfect time of year where I can wear less and show off more of my body with looking like a total slut, and we all know I am, but I will admit, I do hide it well *blush*

There are definite benefits to having small perky breasts (34b), and especially when you have such incredibly sensitive that are as responsive as mine are because all it takes is a slight breeze or a little cool air, or not wearing a bra and feeling the material of my blouse grazing against my nipples as I walk and 2 seconds later my nipples are rock hard and impossible to hide (not that I am trying to hide them), and I have become so addicted to catching both men and women staring at my hard nipples that I actually take trips to the mall just for this purpose *blush*

I am back :)

I finally found the time to write more, so look for me to write more about my .... secrets *blush*