My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Singing cont ...

I entitled my last post "Singing" because my pussy is singing to me today, although it does every day, but today she is singing like Pavorotti lol

Singing ....

It is rainy and cold here today and it would have been a perfect day to sleep in and then sneak in to my husband porno stash (that he doesn't know I know about lol) and then masturbate alllllllllllllllllll day. Some may say why not fuck all day with someone, and that sounds appetizing as well, but sometimes I really enjoy calling out from work and enjoying a day just to masturbate. On these days it isn't just about fingering myself until I cum, because I can make myself cum in probably less than 1 minute if I want to, but I prefer prolonged foreplay (even when alone) and LOVE bringing myself to the edge and then backing off, and repeating this over and over until I am literally squirming all over the bed and half crazed with lust. Asy office window and hear all the cabs honking their horns and the woosh of tires on wet roads going by, I almost instantly regret not calling out sick today, because today would have been perfect because my period has now ended, and as most of you know, my level of horny is about to burst my hornyometer.
I haver a very boring meeting to attend at 12pm, and usually boring meetings for me = being distracted by constant sexual thoughts/fantasies, so I am sure by the time I return to my office here, my horny little mind will be ready to share something with you. I think it might be time to talk a little about my bisexual cravings and their genisis, but let's see where my mind takes me over the next couple of hours. I think bisexuality would be appropriate though because what my sexy young (she is 23) secretary wore to work today has my head spinning, but of course my behavior toward her is always professional and appropriate, but my God, if she only knew what thoughts run through my mind. She is wearing a white cotton half sleeved button down blouse and the black lace bra she is wearing under it is quite visible, and I think that is really sexy. Additionally, she has on a green, black and greyish/white scotch plaid pleated skirt on, black stockings (possibly thigh highs, or at least I am fantasizing they are :) and black heels. I keep picturing that she is wearing lace top thigh highs under her pleated skirt and this thought is making me crazed and hot. Also, she was walking about 15-20 ft in front of me down the hallway earlier, and watching her fit young ass and the way her pleated skirt swayed as she walked was sooooo sexy (I sound soooo like a guy lol. My mind switches between wondering if she is wearing either a sexy black thiong or maybe even a sexy pair of black lace boy shorts, and both sound quite sexy.

Okay, I better get going because I can't be late for this meeting!

See you in awhile ....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Distracted at Work ...

I am very fortunate to have my own office at work, and even more fortunate to have my very own bathroom attached to my office here, but I worked hard so I feel as though these small perks are well deserved, and my bathroom has it's obvious advantages, but in my mind, the biggest advantage is that it allows me a safe haven to satisfy my cunt when it demands my attention, which lately is very often. I cannot remember the last time I made it through an entire work day without masturbating.
As crazy as this might sound, even though I have the privacy of my very own bathroom here, there are times when I am feeling especially brazen and extra horny when I will actually walk down the hall to the public bathroom, and finger myself in one of the stalls. This may not sound all that "brazen" but it is very difficult for me to remain quiet as my orgasm builds, regardless of where I am, not to mention the pronounced heavy breathing that always accompanies my masturbation. I can usually keep myself from moaning, but it is difficult, and especially when I start getting really close to cumming, but to hide my heavy breathing is nearly impossible, so I try to concentrate on keeping my breathing even, but at a certain point, the feelings in my cunt just take me over.
A part of me cringes when I think of how risky it is to do this at my place of employment, but there is another darker side of me that becomes very aroused at the prospect of someone possibly sitting in the stall next to mine and hearing my breathing, and if they were to hear me, it would not be very difficult to figure out what I was doing. I then start imagining what would gop through their mind. Would they be shocked? Appalled? Or maybe even ...... aroused?
Just as I get a rush from looking at peoples reactions when I exhibit myself during my "shopping" excursions, behaving in this manner in a semi-public bathroom gives me an equal type of rush. Certain risk taking behavior has always been a turn on for me, so this really does not surprise me.
However, today was not a day to use the bathroom down the hallway because my cunt has a large appetite today.

In addition to masturbating in the shower this morning as I got ready for work (as I ALWAYS DO), I have just made myself cum for the 3rd time since arriving for work today *blush*

I have to stop on my way home tonight to do some legitimate shopping at the mall, and God only knows what I would wind up doing, or flashing if I didnt have my period, because I am realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy horny and feeling a little bold. If I didnt have my period I know there would be a shoe salesman in one of the stores or shoe departments that would be getting an eyeful of beaver tonight lol

and Thank God my period usually only really lasts for 2-3 days, and this is my 3rd day, and I do have to return to a certain mall on Thursday to pick up a special order item, so maybe some lucky salesperson will help to assist the nice businesswoman walking in who is looking to buy a few new pair of shoes :)

Hungry for cock

My husband was actually supposed to be home this past weekend and I was looking forward to spending some time with him, but then at the last minute late Thursday afternoon, I recieved a call from his secretary informing me he was called away at the last minute on urgent business in San Diego and that he would not be back until sometime this week and that6 he would call me later.
I have become accustom to recieving these types of last minute calls because he is very successful in business, and his company is large and has multiple sites located throughout the country, but I knew this going in to the marriage. Although he is significant older than me (by almost 30 yrs)we get a long tremendously, and for an older guy, he can still really work it sexually as well lol, however, his sexual drive is far more limited than mine.
Anyway, I also knew I would be getting my period any minute because I am very regular and can usually set my watch with how regualr my period arrives each month, and as many of you already know, I am a very horny girl, but let me tell you, the week before I get my period, I am literally so horny that I begin to grow horns lol. And I was really looking forward to hanging with my husband and getting a good fuck. He may be older but he can still fuck really well, not to mention the fact that he has a big cock as well, so I was a little disappointed when I recieved the call about him having to go away. I actually started thinking that I would just chill for the weekend and maybe watch a few movies and do a lot of masturbating. Well, masturbating a lot is my usual lol, regardless of what day it is or how frequently I am having sex, but I think you know what I meant to say.
But as the afternoon went a long on Friday, I started feeling that oh so familiar ..... I NEED a hard cock ...... ache between my legs. I masturbated in my bathroom connected to my office at work after the throbbing in my clit because too difficult to ignore, and this definitly helped ease this, but soon the I NEED a cock ache returned, and this time with a vengance. Watching webcams at an adult swinger site didn't help the matter either lol, and it never ceases to amaze me how many young fit HUNG guys are on their willingly showing off their big hard cocks. They have different cam categories like male, female, couples (male/female, couples (male/male or female/female), and also TV/TS cams as well, and many times I will bounce around and checkout all of them, but this day I stayed at the male cams. At certain times it can even get hard to choose because there are soooo many hot fit guys with BIG cocks, but I settled on watching this hot smooth fit 19 yr old from PA because he had an incredibly hot fit body, washboard abs, and a shaved big cock to die for. I later learned he is 9.5 inches. He wanted me to cam with him but I couldnt but I did send him a few pics, and I loved watching his big cock get even bigger and harder as he looked at my pics. He was a good match because he is very turned on by older MILF types (like most guys are his age:). Although I could not cam with him, I was still able to watch his cam, and we were able to hear each other through the computer. I LOVED hearing his breathing getting heavier and deeper as he became more and more aroused, and he made several similar comments about hearing my own breathing becoming more and more pronounced, and he also said that my voice seemed to change as I became more and more aroused, becoming lower and a little "scratchy", by his description lol, although Ive been told this before by others as well, and many say my voice can sound incredibly sexual.
As I watched him stroke his beautiful 9.5 inch cock, I was sitting ther in only a wife beater tee shirt and panties, and as I watched, I alternated teasing my nipples by first gently teasing them through the material of the tee shirt until they were rock hard. Then I began rolling them between my index finger and thumb as I squeezed them harder and harder, sometimes pulling on them as I pinched and sqeezed. I love doing this without touching my pussy because I love to be teased, and even love teasing MYSELF. On screen his cock just looked maginificent. The veins were bulging as he stoked it slowly and seductively. For a guy so young, he seemed very skilled in the art of teasing because he was driving me insane. Occassionally he would lightly trace the tip of his index finger along the underside of his big cock and down on to his perfectly shaved hairless balls and taint, and he even teased his equally perfectly shaved asshole as well. By this time, I was sitting there still wearing the tee shirt and panties, but my legs were not completly spread and I actually now had each leg pulled over each arm of my computer chair as I continued working my hard nipples. I LOVE nipple play because it makes me so insanely hot, and there actually have been a few occassions where I came from nipple play alone *blush*
I asked if he could zoom his cam silghtly, and he quickly obliged, and when he did I actually gasped as his cock looked as if it were almost right there in front of me. The veins on huis huge cock were now bulging like mad, and he took his hand and grabbed the base of his cock and slowly stroked the length of it. It was then that I saw the puddle of clear precum quickly forming at the tip of the head of his cock, and when I commented on it, he brought the tip of his index finger and dipped it in his precum and pulled it away slowly, forming like a web of precum. Between seeing that and the feelings being produced by pinching my nipples now had my cunt on fire and SOAKED! I LOVE teasing myself until I can no longer stand not touching my clit. I also love teasing myself through the silky material of my panties where I will take the very tip of my index finger and just barely touch the tip of my throbbing swollen erect clit through the silky material, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling and seeing the silky material of my panties becoming saturated with my juices. When I finally do give in, I love that first touch, regardless of whether it is through my panties and I am feeling the soaked material of my panties, or whether I am sliding my fingers in to my soaked pantiless wet cunt. Feeling my panties being so wet makes me feel so slutty, and usually when I first slide my fingers inside myself, I usually always slowly slide them from me and bring them immediatley to my mouth. Sometimes I will actually not lick them clen but instead, take the tip of my index finger when it is glistening with wetness, and trace my wetness on to the lips of my mouth.

I could tell by the way my young new friend was breathing and also by the way his body started tensing that he was beginning to get close. The amount of precum now dripping from the head of his cock was another indicator that he was getting very close. He disclosed early on that he had not cum in almost 4 days so I knew he would more than likely be shooting a huge load of hot cum, and I absolutely LOVE seeing/feeling this. I told him that when he came, to be sure he gave me a good view of it shooting/squirting, because I wanted to coordinate my own orgasm with seeing that. I was beginning to also get veryyyyyyyyyyyyy close, and I then sent him one last pic to help push him over the edge, and we also agreed previously that he would print one of the pics and cum all over it as I watched and the thought of him doing this had me nerly beside myself with uncontrollable lust. The last pic I sent him was a close up pic of my soaked shaved cunt that was taken as I masturbated, and as soon as it opened I heard him gasp .... oh my fuckin God....and he then announced he needed to cum. I could feel my eyes wideing as I focused squarely on the head of his huge cock as my right hand was now literally a blur as I fingered my swollen throbbing clit with a frenzy. Just as my own orgasm started to build, he then announced he was going to cum. He then stood, and produced the close up pic of my wet shaved cunt, and also a picture of my face, and laid them side by side on the tabel in front of him. Then he gave his cock a few more strokes as he grabbed it hard at the base, and then he stopped stroking it and leaned forward a bit as his hand squeezed his cock once more, making the veins bulge even more and making the head of his cock look almost purple, and suddenly, hot cum began squirting from his cock and splashing against my pics. I was very close anyway, but seeing this pushed me over the edge and I too began cumming HARD! Stream after glorius stream of hot cum squirted from his cock, and the first 2 streams shot out so hard that they actusally went beyond the pics and probably landed on the floor, but his cock had plenty of cum left over to almost completely cover my cunt and face. I swear, he squirted 4-5 long thick forceful ropes of hot cum before it began to dribble from his amazing cock.

I got a little carried away with telling you about that because my original intention here was to tell you how badly I needed to feel a big hard cock this past weekend, and what I did to satisfy that craving, and watching this young stud tease me like crazy with his beautiful big cock made me want and NEED a cock now more than ever.

Because of the whole impending period thing, I wasn't comfortable going to a bar or club and fucking someone new, just in case I started to gush blood lol, so instead I flipped through my mental rolodex under BIG COCK lol, and decided to call on an ex bf of mine. He IS married now, but I knew he would not be able to resist the temptation, so hopefully I will get a little time this afternoon so I can tell you about how good he used my hungry little cunt (and mouth and ......ass *blush*)

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Fav Store

My husband is away on business again this weekend, and I soooo need a good hard fucking, so I had a little time between meetings and shot over to a local Victorias Secret and bought some new thigh highs, 3 new bras, a few pair of panties, and I always love handling their sexy things and trying certain things on, and if given the opportunity, I will always flash whatever young salesperson is assiting me as she hands me a different bra or teddy, or whatever they are giving me, and I even have been lucky enough to have a few salesgirls actually come right in the dressing room with me to adjust bra straps when I feign not being able to get it right. I have really gotten pretty good at flashing and appearring as if it is totally accidental, or that I am unaware I am doing it, but I get so aroused from doing this, and my nipples are always the indicator, regardless of whether I am wearing a bra or not, because they become so erect and so long that it is almost impossible to hide them. Yes, I can blame the cold air lol, but I learned last year you can fool most of the people most of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. I am referring to a very attractive 40 something women who is a salesperson at a VS in CT that I shop at, but I can tell you more about her and what took place between us another time because I want to finish my point.

The girl that waited on me today was really young, maybe @ 21-23 yrs old and she was really cute with a body type that I am very attracted to (small perky breasts, very sexual eyes, blonde, and fit). Anyway, even though I masturbated just before going to the cafeteria for lunch, and it was my 2nd orgasm of the day, just being in VS around all of that sexy lingerie turns me on, so by the time I went to the dressing room to try a particular bra on, I could feel that my nipples were totally erect, and as I walked by a mirrow on my way to the dressing room, I glanced at my image and saw them poking through my blouse easily. The cute girl that was waiting on me didnt give me any vibe that she was bisexual but she was friendly and a little flirtatious it seemed, and I love flashing and getting a reaction, even though most of my flashing appears as though it is unintentional. The cute salesgirl walked with me to the dressing room and as I went in to the little room, she said if I needed help with anything she would be right outside the door :) I quickly took my blouse and bra off and admired my perky 34b breasts in the mirror, and although my nipples surely were quite erect, I grabbed both between my thumb and index fingers of both hands and gave both a hard pinch and a tug, and it felt soooooooooooooooo good that I really didnt want to stop, because the feeling goes right through my bely and straight to my cunt, but I needed to get back to work soon, so I waited maybe 45 seconds and made it sound like I was getting frustrated just in case she really was right outside my stall, and as I exhaled in feigned frustration, her cute voice asked "are you okay? Do you need any help?, and I told her I was having a hard time adjusting the straps and asked her if she could help me. The door swung open just as I had taken the bra all the way off, so I was standing there facing her, my breasts and hard nipples in full view. She did her best to remain professional, but I did see her eyes go to my breasts almost immediately, and then I saw her again looking as I appearred to be looking away but was actually watching her eyes in the mirror. I slid the bra on as she stood facing me. Seeing her look more than once is more than enough to get my very actuive sexual mind working, and although I was soon on my way back to work without anying inappropriate taking place, I was already fantasizing about her going down on me right in the dressing room, and by the time I got back to my office, I needed to cum yet once again.

Masturbation is great, but as I said earlier, this weekend I NEED a big hard cock to fuck me deep n hard, and I would love it if it were a ..... new cock :)


I also want to tell you that the pic in my profile and the pic on my blog page are of ME! Of course my face isn't showing and this is why I decided to post them. Once I figure out how to include pics in my blogs, I will probably post more too *blush* because I know me and I know I won't be able to resist showing off a little :)

Fiction or Real

Someone commented on my blog in a very complimentary way, but then added that they thoguth it was pure fiction, so I wanted to take a moment to clarify this.
Everything that I have written about since beginning this blog is 100% real experiences, however I am sure the time will come when I will also share some of my still remaining fantasies (they are dwindling quickly though lol)that I have not indulged as of yet, and when I do disclose them, I will mention up front that it is a fantasy and not something I have actually experienced.
One of the reasons I decided to begin writing this blog was to show that attractive married women who may appear to be the girl-next-door mom type, or a soccer mom type, or a career oriented women who dresses smartly but appropriately can still harbor secrets, and some of these secrets would make even a porn star blush. I have learned that most people have a secret side to them, and especially sexually.
So when you read what I write, know that it really happened, because if it is only a fantasy, I will make that very clear within the first paragraph.

Constant state of arousal ...

At the end of my last post I stated that my horniness is beginning to take me places that I never imagined I would go, and I probably should clarify that by saying that this has been going on for some time now, but has really escalated over the last 4 years, and it definitly coincides with a certain person who came in to my life shortly before I was to be married for the 2nd time, because this person seemed to have an incredibly ability to extract my deepest, darkest, kinkiest and most taboo of fantasies that I had never shared with anyone before, and once I began to reveal them, they seemed to take a life on of their own. The more we discussed them, the more consumed I would become with them, and I also began to feel more comfortable disclosing these fantasies because this person did not judge me in the very least, and instead, began to encourage me to consider exploring some of them for real, and that they could guide me and allow me a safe environment to explore them. Soon after this I started to really learn how powerful my sexuality really was, and the type of control it could give me with the proper planning. One of my problems when I was younger was how impulsive I was, and I learned the hard way that impulsive decisions, especially concerning sex, usually are not the best thing, but even with this said, there are times where my now seemingly constant state of arousal just seem to take me over. I have heard all of my adult life about how men are controlled by the brain in their little head, and I now am so relating to this because many times now the ache in between my legs makes my decisions for me, but at least I have some awareness of this, and most of the time I can feel it building and plan a way to satisfy it, but many times when I feed the ache, instead of satisfying it, it makes it even more intense, and these are the times when my slutty desires will lead me around like a dog on a leash.

After my little showoff tease to my neighbors son, I went to the darkened guest room and masturbated for 45 minutes. It was not until I came a 3rd time did the thoughts of going back in to my bedroom and letting him watch me masturbate subside. I am 95% sure he was jerking off as he watched me undressing from his bedroom next door, and although I pretended to not be the least bit aware that he was watching me, and I had to make it look accidental, as I masturbated, my horny thoughts kept telling me it would not look staged if I were to lay on my bed after undressing, and masturbate shamelessly because no one else was home in my house, and I am a woman in her sexual prime, and eveyone knows it is very normal to masturbate.
Somthing I have not disclosed yet is that I see a therapist once a week, largely to help me work through some issues I have with my mother, but during the course of the past 3 years, I slowly began disclosing some of my attention seeking behavior, although I dont even come close to disclosing the real truth, I mask it by saying I will flirt/tease with body language, etc, but even with giving limited details, my therapist quickly mentioned that it appears as though I enjoy the attention of strangers, and especially when I control the situation. She went on to even ask me in a session if I thought I might be an "attention whore", and after disclosing a little more to her, she said it sounds like when I know I have someones attention, and I know that they are being turned on by me, I enjoy, as she put it, validating their price of admission, meaning once I have their attention, I get off on giving them a .... a good look, and by me pretending to not be doing it on purpose is a way for me to still appear as though I am a "good girl", because to do it openly and purposely is something only a .... slut .... would do.
I don't know where I am going with all of this, but while I just brought it up, the whole slut thing is something that has always turned me on like CRAZY! Even as a teenager I fantasized about being treated like a dirty little slut as I masturbated and thinking about that always made me cum so hard. As I grow older and a little wiser, it seems many women share these feelings but are afraid of being labled as a slut, and especially younger girls, but one of the things the person who came in to my life a few years ago taught me is that we only live once, and I am an attractive fit sexy woman, but one day I will be old and wrinkled, and I do not want to look back with regret.

Okay, now that I have totally confused you lol, I will tell you that I make myself cum when showering before work every morning and this has become second nature for me, and I cannot even imagine beginning my day without doing this. Many times I could keep my horniness in check until I get home, or at least until I get in to my car after work, but usually my exhibitionistic tendencies take over once Im in my car, and especially on the days where I am wearing a skirt or dress because I have a 90 min drive home and much of it is in traffic and I usually cannot stop myself from "unintentionally" showing off my legs, and usually when I wear a skirt or dress, I typically always wear either lace top thigh highs or lace top stockings attached to a garter, but the garter is a pain so my 1st choice is always thigh highs, and when I am wearing them I love to show a hint of them. At times it takes every ounce of control I have to keep from doing this while at work, but this is one line I have not crossed yet and plan on keeping it that way .... hopefully. However, now there are many days where I cannot wait until I get home at night to masturbate. I just cannot do it. My mind becomes so consumed with sexual thought, and before I know it my nipples and clit are hard and throbbing and I can feel my wetness seeping in to the crotch of my panties. Then once I feel that very familiar wet panty feeling, it is a constant reminder of how horny my little cunt is. I am fortunate to have my own office complete with my own private bathroom, but there are times that I get so obsessed by being possibly heard or caught masturbating, that I go to the public ladies room down the hall and will go in to a stall and finger myself. The problem with this is it is very difficult for me to remain quiet once I get going. My breathing gets so deep and the closer I get to coming it is almost like I dont even care who hears me.

I now need to make myself cum because I have to meet a co-worker for lunch in the cafeteria, and today I am wearing a dress and thigh highs and if I go to the cafeteria THIS horny, I am afradi I will not be able to stop myself from flashing someone *blush*

On Monday I will do my best to share the ... submissive slut .... side of me, which the person who came in to my life a few years ago is very responsible for bringing out of me.

I can be such a naughty girl, and the cool thing about him is he the naughtier and sluttier I behave, the more he will call me a "good girl" :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Neighbors son gets a peek, Cont ...

Believe me, this was not the first time the thought ran through my head about putting on a little "show" in my bedroom as I undressed, because I knew Aaron was very interested by the way he checked my body out during the warm weather months, and I was quite sure he had wasted many, many tissues as he lay awake at night thinking about the "older" woman next door, but as horny as I can be, I thought this was a line very close to home and was a little worried about this, but I should have known that once my mind opened this door, my horniness and exhibitionistic side would not allow me to close it.
As I waited for darkness to completely envelop the neighborhood, I couldnt stop wondering if Aaron was hiding away near his window, and especially now that he seen me pull in the driveway. I am not sure what type of a view he had of my car, but in case he was watching me from a different window, when I got out of my car, I purposely slid my left leg out and held it there as I pretended to fiddle with something in my car, full well knowing that as I leaned toward the passenger seat, my skirt rode slightly higher up my thigh, revealing a hint of the lace tops of the black lace top thigh highs (I so love wearing these-black lace being my favs by far) I wore under my smart looking, somewhat conservative skirt suit. Even as I was doing it and not even knowing if he was looking or not, my heart raced at the possibility.
It was just about fully dark outside now, and before going to my bedroom I made a quick detour in to a guest bedroom that also faces our neighbor's sons bedroom, but I did not turn the light on and instead, carefully made my way close to the window and peered out. At first I didnt see anything because his room was dark as well, and just as I was about to give up, I saw the shade on his window move ever so slightly, and I thought I saw a hand pull it back slightly as if he was there peeking out, but couldnt be sure. My heart was pounding at the thought of him possibly trying to spy on me, but I wanted to be sure if I was going to try to put on an unsuspecting show for him. I tried to think of another way to see if he really was at his window, maybe from another window or angle but I could not think of anything. Then suddenly I had an idea. My husband is an avid sports fan and he has like a mini binoculars thingy that he uses when he goes to football games and the like, but I wasnt sure where he kept them, and actually wasnt sure if they were in the house at all. I started looking and lucky for me, the second dresser drawer I looked in, I found them. I raced back to the guest bedroom with my heart now racing more than ever. I got close enough to the window to where I could look out, and put the binoculars up to my eyes. It took me a few seconds to adjust them because they are really powerful and everything was out of focus, but when I adjusted the focus, the house next door looked as though it was within 2 feet from my eyes. I then began looking directly at Aarons bedroom window, and at first saw nothing. I then had an idea so I put the binoculars down on a table near the window and walked to my bedroom, and flicked the light on. I then paraded around the room a little as if I was looking for something, but what I was doing was trying to see if he maybe once he saw that I was in my bedroom, he would then try to peek out from the window. I then walked casually out of my bedroom and as soon as I was out of sight, I walked very quickly back to the guest bedroom down the hall, grabbed the binoculars, brought them to my eyes, and sure enough, there was Aaron standing in his still darkened bedroom. It startled me a little because he looked so close, but once I conformed he was there, I threw the binoculars on the bed and walked back to my bedroom. Confident that he was now watching my every move, I started unbuttoning my blouse as I walked to my closet.
I guess I should first describe exactly what I was wearing so you can visulaize this a little better. I wear a lot of skirt suits to work and all of them are smartly done and can even be sexy but with more of a conservative flair if you know what I mean, but at this point I no longer wore the jacket portion of my skirt suit, and this particular skirt suit was grey in color. So I walked in to my bedroom wearing the grey skirt which was appropriate and came to just below my knee in length. With it I had on a three-quarter sleeved white cotton blouse that buttoned down the front, and I wore black 4 inch heels that strapped at my ankle, that also had no back at my heel. Very sexy shoes but not sure he could see them and doubt a 17 yr old would appreciate them anyway lol. I also had lingerie other than my bra on underneathe, but that comes later :)
So I walked in to my bedroom as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. Once it was all the way unbuttoned I still left it on, but as I walked from the closet to my dresser, it flew open and my black lace Victorias Secret bra was very visible. I made it look as though I was undecided, and then pretended that the phone rang and picked up a cordless extension phone and pretended to be talking on it. As I did this I lingered very close to the window, although not facing direcrtly in his direction, and as I lingered, I slipped off my blouse and now stood there in my skirt, heels and bra only. All I imagined was him standing there in his darkened bedroom with a raging hard on as his eyes strained to see more. I then cradled the phone as I unzipped the back of my skirt, but before wiggling out of it, I walked to the closet, and my closet doors are entirely mirrored and I strained to see if I could see if he was watching but couldnt tell. With my back facing the wiondow, I then wiggled sexily out of my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I picked it up and tossed it in a corner and took a quick glance at myself in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked pretty sexy standing there now in only my black lace bra, black lace boy short panties, black lace top thigh highs, and my black heels. I wanted to slide my bra off but I also couldnt stop wondering if he was still watching. A part of me told me that of course he was, but then another part of me still wondered, so I walked out of my bedroom but left the light on to indicate that I would return soon just in case he was still watching because I surely wanted to keep his interest. I then walked really fast to the guest bedroom and grabbed the binoculars and looked once again toward his bedroom, and as I looked I could feel an obvious grin come across my face. he was there alright, and he was actually even more visible than before. Im sure it would have still been hard to see him if I didnt use the binoculars because he was a step or 2 back from the blinds, probably in an effort to hide himself from being seen. I could actually see him from almosy mid stomach and up, but was a little disappointed because I was hoping to be able to see if he was ..... jerking off :) but no such luck, buit I could see his shoulder kinda of moving methodically, almost like he was scratching something and then I realized he probably WAS jerking off. I raced back to my bedroom now, and had to slow myself down a bit because I could not make it obvious that I was showong off for him. So I then pretended to finally hang up the phone, and walked to where I was maybe 2-3 feet from the window but almost directly in front of it, and then I reached back, unsnapped my bra, and slid both arms out and displayed my perky 34b breasts by appearring as though I was stretching, and as I stretched, I pressed my chest outward and then released. I already could feel that my nipples were rock hard, and they actually cried out for my fingers to grab on to them and give them a tug or a pinch (LOVE having them played with roughly)but resisted because I again wanted this to look natural. Believe me, a part of me wanted to get naked and flop on the bed spread eagle and masturbate shamelessly, and in my very horny mind, I had already justified this by telling myself that it is perfectrly normal for a working woman like myself to come home after a hard day at the office and unwind by masturbating in the privacy of her own bedroom, but another part of my horny mind told me to slow down and just tease him, and to not give away the whole candy store all at once. So I walked around my bedroom a little more eventually sliding out of my heels and stockingts, and made sure to take the stockings off as sexily as I could without making it look obvious, and by that point I was so aroused that the crotch of my black lace boy shorts were completely soaked. I reluctantly left my bedroom and turned off the light. By this time I so needed to touch myself but I held back and waited until I was locked away in my bathroom a few minutes later. Then I fingered my throbbing clit to an incredible intense orgasm as I tugged and twisted my rock hard nipples, the whole time imagining him standing there watching me undressing as he stroked his young rock hard cock until hot cum spurted everywhere.

I know it is a very naughty thing to purposely showoff for my neighbors 17 yr old son, and as I said earlier, I know this is a line I never thought I would cross, but I swear, my horniness is beginning to really consume me and take me places I never imagined it would.

and I seemingly cannot stop it .....

Neighbors son gets a peek

I only have a few minutes to tell you this so maybe I can get back on later and give you more details, because it is difficult to tell you some of the back story in such little time.
Our neighbors house is not super close to ours but close enough, and certain windows to my bedroom just happen to face the bedroom of my neighbors 17 yr old son, and their family is pretty close with ours and he in particular is a really good kid. He is the star football player in school, mows our lawn and cleans our pool during the warm weather months, and he is generally a really nice kid. Two summers ago I started to notice that he was taking an added interest in me (my body) as I sunbathed nearby as he was cleaning our pool, and although he is still very young, I found his interest to be very flatterring. I also found that whenever I saw him in our yard, whether he was there to mow the lawn or clean our pool, I found that I started to go a little out of my way to ..... peak his interest further so to speak *blush*. I typically do not dress provocatively when I am just lounging around the house, but I also do not wear one piece bathing suits and school marm outfits either lol. I have been told that some of the neiborhood kids think that I am a total MILF, and even saying this makes me blush, but at the same time, knowing they think of me in this way excites me tremendously as well.
So anytime I see him in our yard or working near the pool, for the last 2 years I have continued to dress a bit more sexier when he is around, and especially if my husband is away on business. I can't help it. I love to tease and I love the attention, although I always usually pretend to not notice. I have his routine pretty much down now so I will usually be in the yard sun tanning when he comes over, and most of the bikinis I wear are pretty revealing without being too far over the top, and most highlight my perky 34b breasts because I feel they are one of my best tease features, and primarily because my nipples are so responsive and become impossible to hide even with the slightest arousal on my part. In short, someone really has to either not be paying attention or really disinterested to miss hy hard perky nipples poking through my bikini top, and my neighbors son,I will call him Aaron here)Aaron, seems far from disinterested, and I love catching him trying to steal glimpses of them, and quite honestly, it turns me on like crazy seeing him so nervously trying to look at them. If he only knew the dirty little fantasies that involve him that roll through my head as I masturbate.

So I have continued to tease him every chance I get during the summer months, and was looking forward to this lousy cold weather going away soon, and I had just returned home from work the other night and the sun was just going down as I pulled in to my driveway, and as I did I noticed Aaron standing at his window gazing toward our house, and when he saw me he seemed to nervously and quickly let go of the blinds. I then glanced at his window again but there was no sign of him. I would be lying if I told you I had never wondered if he could see in to my bedroom from his bedroom window, and the more I thought of it, it seemed like a no brainer because not only did his bedroom window face mine, his is on the 2nd floor, and mine is on the first, so in theory, he would have a birdseye view in to my bedroom i as long as he was at a certain window in his bedroom, and the window I saw him standing at happened to be the one. As I walked in to my house I could not help but wonder if my young neighbor was trying to see if I were home from work yet, because I typically undress as soon as I get home, and sometimes my house keeper forgets to pull my blinds, and I usually dont notice this until later. I swear it isnt done purposely, but I will admit, it is convienant the more I think about it. But again, I am not so sure he could see much even with the blinds not being pulled, but the way the window lines up with where I would typically be standing, it does sound feasible because I usually stand at my closet, and although at times I do strip down naked and hop in to the shopwer, more times than not I am just taking my business attire off and getting in to more comfortable clothes to hang out at home in, and I do dress reasonalbly conservatively for work because I am a senior level manager fopr a very prestigious research hospital, but I ALWAYS dress much sexier underneath my business attire, and LOVE wearing black lacy lingerie, so the liklihood of him sneaking a peek at me standing there in a black lace bra and panties was very possible. The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to see what he was able to see, so I started to think of a way to someone go over to his house, and get to his room so I could look out of his window myself and see exactly what he could see, and then I could tailor a little showoff session just for him *blush*, but of course the whole time making it look as if I was unaware he was watching.

Damn, it is lunch time and I have to meet someone downstairs in the cafeteria, so I will have to finish this later ....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I just wanted to let people know that although I did say that I would love to go to an adult bookstore that has those video booths in the back that have gloryholes, I would never have the guts to walk in to one of those places alone. If I were with another girl or even a guy, now that is a different story lol. The idea of it is really hot, and once when I was out on a Sat night with an ex bf of mine, we went to a strip club in Hartford, CT called the Gold Club (love flirting with the girls at strip clubs :), and as we were leaving, we noticed a huge adult bookstore/toy store directly next to it, so we went in and looked around and as were were leaving we noticed they had a small "video arcade" so we went in and looked around. We peeked in a few of the booths and didnt see any "gloryholes" but we didnt look in every single booth. It was late, like @ 1am, and although there were a few people in the actual store part, the vide arcade was empty. We were buzzed and my bf suggested we go in one of the booths. I was already turned on and wet from the strip cklub so I said what the heck, why not. We4 went in and locked the door behind us and my bf slipped in some dollars in to a machine and the booth filled with light and xxx porn began playing on a tv screen about 2 ft away. There was a button where you could change channels/movies and also control the volume so we started looking through the movies and I told my bf to stop when I saw a really hot small perky breasted blonde (I have a thing for small perky breasts, and especially with really perky/puffy nipples) on screen with two hung fit guys and one was fucking her from behind and the other was fucking her mouth with his big shaved cock. In seconds my bf had me sitting in the chair, my skirt around my waist as he slipped my soaked thong off and started eating me. It was kind of awkward because we were so limited space-wise, plus I was seated in a really uncomfortable hard plastic chair, but it was still really hot, and after eating me for a minute or so I had to have his big cock in me. I LOVED this guys cock. He was slightly over 8 inches and shaved (LOVE shaved) and he really knew how to use it and he would always tease me until I begged him to fuck me. He would always begin by sliding the head of his cock all over my swollen pussy lips and clit, and then eventually he would slide the head of his cock in me, but only the head. he would tease me like this until my ass is quirming and I am pleading with him to give me all of it. Anyway, he fucked me but didnt cum because we wanted to save that for when we were home, so we played around a little more and then left. As we walked out of the boothe there was 1 guy exiting another booth next to ours and we figured he was listening to us because we both would always be very vocal during sex and foreplay. The guy was maybe 30ish, not bad looking and not in bad shape, and as we walked by him as we were giggling like school kids, he checked me out from head to toe, which my bf never minded and to the contrary he enjoyed showing me off because he was a really secure guy and didnt mind it one bit. So we leave the store and get in to our car in the strip club parking lot when I said "oh shit", and my bf quickly asked what was wrong and I turned to him and told him that I had left my thong in the booth. We bioth raced back to the store laughing our asses off and as we walked in to the arcade area, the guy we saw was exiting the exact booth we were in, and I guess he knew why we had returned because he said with a big grin on his face "I think you left something behind", and sure enough, my panties were right on the seat in the booth. I am sure he had fun examining them because the crotch was completly soaked. We were both confident that he had not jerked off in to them because there was no scent or trace of man cum lol, but I am sure from the looks of the bulge in his jeans as he exited the booth, he was turned on by what he discovered *blush* :)
We lived @ 45 min away and that night during the long ride down I-91, we started playing around and I started sucking his cock as he drove, and whenever I do this I get soooo turned on, and especially if it is a big cock I am sucking, so soon my free hand was between my legs. He then told me to sit back in my seat and play with my pussy for him because he could not concentrate on driving with me sucking his cock for too long, so I did as he asked (I am a good girl and usually do as I am told *blush*)and the highway was pretty deserted at that time of night so I not only did as he asked, but eventually got so in to it that I placed my feet on the dashboard and had my legs totally spread as I worked my throbbing wet clit. This bf also knew of my closet exhibitionistic tendencies/fantasies and it is important for you to know that whenever I masturbate, and even when alone in private, I always have my eye closed (unless I am told to open them *blush*). As I continued teasing myself in to a frenzy, a cpl of times I sensed he was taking his foot off the gas and at first didnt think much of this, but then I heard the roar of a semi approaching on my side of the car, and the first one went by kind of quickly so I am not sure the driver saw anything, but the next time I heard the familiar raor of their big engine, I felt my bf slowing down slightly again, and this time the truck seemed to be keeping pace with us, and although I never opened my eyes once, I could hear my bf telling me how slutty I looked fingering my pussy so openly, and when I heard him next say something like "can you imagine how hot and slutty you look if someone is looking down in to the car rigjht now?", I knew then that I had an audience. I cannot even begin telling you how turned on this made me, and so much so that I almost came right then and there, but I didnt want to cum just yet, and started teasing my lips again, and then my bf kind of sped away. I was secretyl disappointed but would never make such a bold comment, and instead continued playing with my soaked pussy. It was not long before another truck had pulled along side and I didnt know if it was the same truck or someone else. I only knew someone was deifinitly watching my shameless display and it turned me on like mad. This time I made it clear to my bf that it was getting me hotter with him along side of us watching and I started lifting my ass off of the seat to meet my fingers which by this point were almost like a blur from working my clit so feverishly. Then to my surprise, my bf blurts out "you should see the look on the truck drivers face that is watching you", and although I knew there was a very good chance someone was watching my horny display, this confirmed it 100%. Seconds later I came hard, and felt my bf speed up and take off as he giggled and said how hard he was going to fuck me once we arrived home.

To this very day I still think back to that night when I masturbate sometimes, and I always cum so hard as I re-live that night.

Friday, February 12, 2010

needing to cum

I soooo need to cum after writing what I just revealed. I came this morning as I showered, as I always do every single day, and then my horniness got the better of me during a session with a pt, so as soon as it was over, I locked myself in the ladies room down the hall and fingered my throbbing clit to a fast orgasm, and now my cunt is hungry for more. I swear the more I cum, the more I want and need to cum. I cant seem to stop the sexual thoughts from invading my mind, no matter what I am doing, and I can only ignore them for so long before my hands go to my clit like a magnet to metal.

I feel like such a dirty little slut needing to masturbate so much, and it really has nothing to do with how much sex I have, or the quality of the sex I have. A typical male response will be "let me fuck her and I would take care of her", but believe mke, the sex I have is incredible and incredibly intense, and it actually works to the opposite with me. The hotter the sex is, the more I want, and the more sex I have, the hornier I actually get, because everything is always so fresh in my mind.

I have been in a very devilish mood the last couple of days, and my husband is away on business all weekend, and I know I will not be able to resist doing somthing very provocative this weekend.

There is something I have been aching to do ......

go to a particular adult bookstore in my area, and this one has a adult video arcade in the back and they have these small viewing booths and I hear that some have ...... gloryholes *blush*

more to follow ..... :)

Love to Tease

From the first time I gave a boy a hand job when I was 14 I knew that I loved to tease someone. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had a huge crush on this boy and he was a grade older than me and I felt so inadequate because at that age all of the boys seem to be interested in the girls who had big boobs and mine were just beginning to develop, and even to this day remain small and perky (34b), but as I said, I remember being so self-conscious about my boobs back then, and as I look back on it now, it wasn't like I had nothing there because they were actually nice and perky, and one of the best features I have are my nipples because they are ultra responsive and get very erect and very long, but as a 14 yr old girl surrounded by girls with bigger boobs, let's just say I didn't have the most self confidence. I was at a party and the boy I had the crush on started flirting with me and before long we were in one of the bedrooms making out, and boys huis age are not the most graceful, so as he continued kissing me, he alternated from squeezing my boobs through my blouse and attempting to unbutton my shirt, but he kept fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, and as we made out I could not ignore the hard bulge protruding from his jeans, and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans and even though I had no experience at the time, it felt so big to me and I was very eager to see it, so I finally pushed his hands away and whiperered "I will unbutton them for you if you let unzip your jeans", and he snickered out loud and said go right ahead. I then unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off, and in a qucik motion my bra was off and I could tell from the look on his face there were not too many girls that had done this for him. At that moment I could feel the power shift between us, and I really liked the feeling. Before that moment I always felt that he had the upper hand because he was funnier, smarter, more athletic, etc, etc, but all of a sudden I felt very powerful and totally in control. I looked right at him as he stared open-mouthed at my pert breasts and said "now it is your turn", and I reached over and unzipped his jeans and he stood briefly as I pulled them down around his ankles. When he sat down he started kissing me again, and he actually was a really good kisser for a 15-16 yr old boy, and I love to kiss and always get so aroused if the person kissing me knows how to kiss, so his inexperienced hands went to my breasts and he started squeezing them roughly, and although I do LOVE to have them played with roughly today, I did not back them, so I instead whispered to him to be more gentle and to play with my nipples. As soon as his fingers touched my already rock hard nipples, the feeling went through my breasts, down in to my belly, and straight to my now throbbing clit. It felt so good that I almost forgot he was sitting there in his boxer shorts with a raging hard on causing a tent in his boxers. I grabbed his cock through the material and I was able to wrap my fingers around the shaft, but all this did was make me want to see it and feel it in my bare hands, so I reached in to the wasitband and he took the hint and lifted his hips as I slid his boxers down around his ankles. His young very hard cock sprang in to view immediatly and I felt like my eyes would pop out of my head because it looked so nice and so big and soooo hard. The veins were bulging like crazy as it twitched slightly. I gently encircled my fingers around the base of his cock and began slowly and gently carressing his big cock. Looking back on it I guess he was about 6 1/2 inches, but it still looked very big to me back then. I loved feeling it in my hands. How hot the skin was and how incredibly soft the skin was, but at the same time, the cock itself was so rock hard, and I loved that contrast. I also immediately fell in love with how he reacted when I touched him. He gasped and moaned softly as he laid back on the bed we were sitting on as we made out. I began experimenting with how I was touching him by alternating between grabbing the base firmly and pumping his entire cock up and down, to lightly carressing the sides of his shaft with the tips of both of my fingers, and when I saw clear fluid begin to form at the pee hole on the head of his cock, I used the tip of my index finger to lightly rub the sticky clear fluid over the head of his cock. He seemed to like when I lightly stroked the sides and head of his cock, so I continued doing this and soon his breathing was getting heavier and his moans were getting loder so I knew I was doing it right, and he also began arching his hips and pushing his cock sort of in a humoing motion, and when I saw this I actually slowed down and when I did this he exhaled with a sort of a disappointed sigh, so I returned to stroking his cock the way he liked, but as he got more in to it, I slowed once again until he started telling me not to slow down and that he was getting close to cumming. Remember, I was only 14 and I didnt think I was really that interested in him shooting cum all over my hands back then, largely because I had never experienced it and had only over heard other girls describing it as being gross, so as soon as he told me this I slowed purposely because I was starting to enjoy teasing him. For most of the time he continued teasing me as well by playing with my nipples, abnd it was making me so horny, but at some point he laid all the way on his back and was only concentrating on me jerking his cock. I( continued teasing his cock by starting and stopping until he literally begged me to not stop. I then started methodically stroking his cock from the base with one hand as I took my index finger of my bother hand and started teasing the underside of his cock just below the head, and it was oozing so much precum by then and it made it really salippery and I was really getting in to it. But I still was not wanting him to cum all over my hands, but I had no experience so I didnt know the warning signs, so as I methodically worked his rock hard cock, he was now breathing really heavily and arching his hips like crazy, and his cock was even harder than before and I felt it beginning to twitch in my hand, and just as I started to tell him to not cum on me, without any verbal warning from him, hot cum began squirting like mad from the head of his cock. It really caught me off guard because I didnt think he would cum without giving me any type of notice, especially after I told him not to cum on me,and I also didnt think he was that close, and I definitly was not prepared for how hard he came, and how much shot out, and how powerfully it squirted out.

Although I did tell him not to do that, and I did not anticipate that I would enjoy this part of it, I learned a lot of things that night. I learned that I enjoy controlling someone by teasing their cock. I learned that I really enjoyed stroking a hard cock, and to my surpise, I definitly learned that I enjoyed feeling hot sticky cum squirting on my hands and arms, and LOVED seeing it squirt powerfully from the head, because I CAUSED THIS!

It wasnt very soon after this night, because I really enjoyed jerking boys off, but my curiousity eventually got the better of me when I started dating another boy with an even bigger cock, and whern I was jerking him off one night and he grabbed me by the back of my head and started pushing it toward his big cock, I went with the flow and sucked my first cock that night and LOVED every aspect of it. The control it afforded me, the feeling of the soft skinned rock hard cock in my mouth, and feeling it stiffen and twitch as he got closer and closer, and then ukltimately feeling hot cum exploding from the head of his cock and filling my mouth,

OMG, I knew I was addicted .....

As I grew older and my body continued to develop, so did my skill at teasing with it. I learned how to manipulate male teachers just by crossing and uncrossing my legs in class, and then flirting with some of them added to it. They were butter in my hands, just as the young boys I jerked off were.

Next I will tell you how I practiced crossing and uncrossing my legs at home while sitting in front of a mirror, so I would know what angle showed what, and how to move in order to show as little, or as much, as I wanted them to see *blush*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

today as everyday ...

I am soooo horny today! Everyone here thinks I am this sweet innocent suburban housewife, and omg, if they only knew .....

Imagine if my co-workers could read my thoughts/day dreams and fantasies?

... about seducing my bosses 16 yr old daughter ...

... imagining being fucked on my desk by the UPS guy ...

... imagining all of the men in this dept cumming on my face all at once ...

... wondering how big my best friends husbands cock is ...

... wondering if I can resist the temptation to fuck my best friends husband ...

... wondering if the cafeteria worker knew I was purposely leaning over the counter just to tease him with my breasts ...

... wondering if my nephew knows I secretly fantasize about fucking him ...

omg.... so many more, but time to get back to work.

A little more about me ...

As you already know, this blogging thing is very new to me, so I figured I should probably give you a little more background before jumping in to some of my secrets, and other antics.
I usually am very detailed but I will intentionally be a bit vague about certain things in order to keep my identity a secret. You see, I am married, but my husband has no knowledge of my secrets, and I enjoy being married to him, for several reasons, so I have to be cautious.
He is significantly older than I am (by almost 25 years), and it is sort of a marriage of convienance for both of us, but for different reasons. The primary reason I married him was for the financial security he offers me, although I do continue to work because it is just who I am, and I enjoy the independence my career gives me, plus I travel to seminars a couple of times each year, and when I am away from where I live or work, my very naughty side always surfaces because I feel safer to dress and behave much more provocatively. For him, one of the main reasons he married me (although he will not fully admit to this)is because he is a very successful businessman/business owner, and because of this, he typically attends or hosts many business-related functions/parties, and he very much enjoys having me on his arm to showoff as his so-called trophy wife. He also is away on business frequently as well, and this too affords me the time to sneak away when my horniness gets the better of me (which is often *blush*).
I have always considered myself a very horny girl, but since entering my 30's, and more specifically the last 2 years, my libido has been off the charts. I also have been very comfortable(well, not when I was younger so much ...... felt much more shame and guilt back then about it)with my need to masturbate, but once again, for the last couple of years it has now become a daily routine (at the very least), and at times, I will masturbate several times a day. When I was younger I would only masturbate when I was at home, but at times, my horniness grows/builds to a point where I cannot help but touch myself, regardless of whether I am in my office at work, while I am out "shopping", or whether I am in my car during my 90 minute commute to and from work. When at work I will usually lock my office door, but there have even been times where I was so crazed and so wet, that I didnt even take the time to lock the door (usually late in the day when most staff are gone), and I have also done it in many the "ladies rooms", store dressing rooms, and even right in my car.
If you have been following my blog, you already know what an exhibitionist I can be, and when indulge, I typically become very, very aroused, and to the point where as soon as I was back in my car and ready to leave, my hand/fingers would go straight to my throbbing clit and soaked cunt.
I also like to tease and showoff in my car during my commute, and the rush hour traffic allows me perfect opportunities to showoff my legs and the lace tops of my thigh highs (if wearing them) as people slowly pull along side of my car. Especially if they are driving an SUV, van, truck, or a car that allows them to look down in to my car. I drive a sporty 4 door European sedan that sits lower than most American cars, and this also works to my favor. Just as I pretend to be showing off unintentionally when out "shopping", what I do is make myself appear as though I am deep in though, or day dreaming as I gaze to my left out of the drivers side window, but the entire time I am keenly aware of the vehicle slowly pulling along side of my right side, and I know that as long as the traffic is bumper to bumper or moving very slowly, I know when they pull along side of me, they will normally get a clear look down in to my car, and the warm weather months are the best, although I can do it in the cold weather months as well, but when it is warmer, I wear sexy, more revealing outfits. What I do is I will make sure my "target" gets a glimpse of me, and I am not beiong conceited but I am an attractive woman, so once they see me, and especuially if they see me looking at them, they are more apt to look again in my direction as they slowly pass my car, so once I have gotten their attention, I will watch my rear view mirror, and as they get to within a couple of car lengths behind me, I will make sure my dress or skirt has ridden up my thighs high enough to reveal a hint of the lace tops of my thigh highs. You should also know that I LOVE wearing thigh highs, and specifically lace top thigh highs, because I think they are really sexy and they always make me feel so sexy (and naughty/slutty), and my fav's are black lace top thigh highs. Well, for that matter I love all black lingerie. It makes me feel the sluttiest *blush*, but I do enjoy wearing other colors as well too.
So once I feel them pull along side me, and sense that they in fact did get a peek at my lace tops, I will really put on the lost in thought/day dreaming out of my window look, and as I do it I am looking in the opposite direction of the person looking in to my car so they can openly stare without feeling nervous about me catching them looking, and I usually will slowly squirm in my seat (they cant detect I am doing this) once the car has fallen back a bit, and doing this makes my skirt ride up my thighs even more, until almost all of the lace tops are visible. I get soooo aroused when I feel there eyes on me, and occassionally I do like to snap my head quickly in the direction and catch them looking, and what I do then is once I see them and see them lustfully staring at me and down at my legs, I look at them, then look down at my legs and appear shocked and embarressed that I had revealed so much to them, and hurredly pull my skirt down and continue acting embarressed. I actually have a couple of mini skirts that ride so high that a little of my panties will even show. As I said, doing this turns me on incredibly, and many times I get so turned on that I just have to touch myself. Wait, let me slow down because I am leaving another important piece out about touching myself and ways I like to do this. I know I am jumping around here but I am not a professional writer, so please bare with me. When I masturbate I LOVE to tease myself before I touch my pussy (as long as I have the time). I always pay alot of attention to my nipples first because they are a direct live to my clit. My nipples are ultra sensitive, but given that fact, I LOVE having them played with roughly. Pinched, pulled, twisted, biten, and even clamped *blush* The feeling literally goes straight from my long hard nipples, down through my belly, and right to my throbbing clit! And I love holding back from touching my pussy until I cant take it for another second. I love feeling my cutn becoming wetter and wetter, and I especially enjoy doing this while my panties are still on, because I love that first touch and feeling how incredibly soaked my cunt has gotten. I also LOVE lightly teasing my engorged lips and clit through the soft silky material of my panties, and when I finally give in and reach between my spread trembling legs, I literally gasp out loud when I touch the silky material and find it is completely soaked.

So many times, these showoff sessions during my commute force me to need to attend to my over heated cunt, and as soon as I am out of traffic and driving at a normal speed, I cannot stop myself from masturbating, but unless traffic is non existent, it is usually too difficult for me to make myself cum while I am driving because there are so many things needed to focus on while driving on an inter-state highway, so usually I will either wait until I arrive home to cum, but other times when I cannot wait and NEED to cum so badly it cannot wait, I have pulled in to a few particular rest areas on the highway, found a secluded corner, locked my doors, reclined my seat, and shamelessly fingered my soaked cunt unitl I came hard right then and there.
Well, I cant get in to it now, but once there was a man who was driving a camper who I had put on a little show for(unintentionally of course lol)when we were both in traffic side-by-side, but since that time 20 miles had passed and he was no where in sight (and I had sort of forgotten about him) when I pulled in to the rest area, so I found a good spot, locked my car and made myself cum soooo intensely, and typically when I masturbate, I usually always have my eyes closed because I am usually lost in one fantasy or the other, and it helps me keep outside distractions from interfering. Anyway, so I was sitting in my seat languishing in that just came so hard feeling, when I opened my eyes and realized someone was parked very close to me and was staring in to my car with a huge smile on his face. It took me a moment, but then I realized it was the man in the camper that I had teased earlier. I could not see much, but I could see his shoulder moving and it was very obvious he was jerking off. I quickly and nervously pulled my skirt down, and quickly drove away as I stared in my rear view mirror, and hoping he would not follow me. My heart was POUNDING! If anyone likes, I can tell the entire story another time, so let me know mif this is something you would like to hear me talk about. Then after the nervousness/fear started wearing off as I thought about what had just happened, I started to get super turned on AGAIN, because I then started thinking about what he saw me doing, and how close he was. I am sure he also heard muy moansd as well, because I am usually very vocal and can be quite the moaner.

Well, lunchtime is over so I should do some work lol.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am very new to all of this, and a friend suggested I start a blog as a way to be able to talk about the secret part of me and my life, and it also may be therputic for me to get some of these feelings out, and at the same time, be able to disclose anonymously what a dirty little slut I can be :)
It is snowing like crazy here today, so I guess I have to postpone my "shopping" trip to a mall that I drive by on my way home. I love going here and tease some of the sales people by showing off a little, but I should explain that I typically do this in a way where it isnt that obvious that I am intentionally showing off. I do it in a way where I pretend to be leaning over a counter in a busy department store as if I am looking at something, but what I am really doing is leaning over so the sales person can glance down my blouse. Sometimes I will be wearing a sexy lace bra and just show clevage, but because my boobs are relatively small (34b), I can get away with not wearing a bra, but although my breasts are small and perky, my nipples are very responsive and become erect easily, and when they do they become very visible, even when wearing a bra, so as I enter a department of a store, or the store itself, and especially if I am not wearing a bra, my nipples usually draw a lot of looks, and once I know I have a certain salespersons attention, then I nwill go in to my pretend act, and give them a nice look down my blouse at my perky breasts and hard nipples. I also like shoe departments and the smaller shoe stores in some of the malls I visit, and I do a similar thing there while a salesperson assists me in trying on heels, and what I do is as they are seated on the small stool directly in front of me as they are fitting my foot with the heels, I pretend to be looking through my purse for my cell phone, or I pretend to be text messaging someone, and as I do this I casually, and "unknowingly" allow my legs to spread slightly, giving them a view all the way to my sexy panties, and if I am really feelinf advnetourous and bold that day, I may even leave the panties off *blush*