My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Queen of Spades tattoo ... finally did it :-)

This will be a short post because my night is not yet over.  I am just on a short break, and I will tell from what, but first I want to proudly announce that I finally did it.  I finally went through with getting th queen of spades tattoo, and just as I implied I would, it is placed on the left upper side of my left ass cheek.  It will be in clear view with just about any bikini I wear (love wearing wicked weasel bikinis because of how revealing they are to begin with) but now coupled with my new tattoo, it will only enhance my visibility as a slut more, and I like that, and it also pleased my bull.  I wore a pair of super low-rise jeans (Frankie b's) because I wanted my new tattoo to be seen at least partially when I'm out in public, and my franki b's are super low rise so I thought they would be my best option. Well, worked like a charm.
My bull has been denying me his cock since last Sat when I initially changed my mind about getting the tattoo, because a friend told me it signified Black ONLY, and as much as I am presently consumed with BBC, this made me anxious because I also know some very nice large white cocks too (like my ex bf who I still cannot say no too), but my bull was very irritated with me about backtracking because he was away for the entire week before and I assured him that when he returned, he would take me to be branded as his dirty little BBC slut.  He arrived back in town late Friday night so I saw him @10 last Sat morning and my appt was @ 1pm, and he then proceeded to pound and use my cunt that was so starved for his BBC from his absence and as he teased me, he made me tell him the details from my cuck taking me to complete the "tasks" that he left for me (at stripclubs/bookstores/gloryholes) as he first teased the hungry engorged soaked lips of my cunt while I was on all fours, until he was pounding me to the point where I could no longer even put words together from the intence fucking his BBC was giving me.
So after fucking me and emptying his cock and then learned I was backing out if the tattoo, he was very upset, saying I manipulated him and didn't reveal my decision because I was in such bad need of his cock.
I blushed and could not deny the fact. He was right. So he denied me his BBC all this week, but he did let me suck it once a day, but I've been getting used by him for the last 4 hours now and he is so pleased and around of my stamp that his 10 inch friend is o.n his way over now to join us :-)

Gotta go...

Just pulled in :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Denied bbc ...

I know I have fallen behind and I have the last couple of weekends to update everyone on, and hopefully I can do that soon, as well as still talk about the BBC gang bang my bull arranged as a "surprise" a few weeks back, but in brief, my bull was away for an entire week (from 3/14 to 3/22), however, he left me a "tasks to be completed" list for me and my cuck to complete during his absence, which included my husband taking me to 4 specific strip clubs, 2 of which allowed dancers to strip totally nude, and for my husband to also accompany me to 2 particular adult bookstores, and to be more specific, the type that have a "video arcade" where there are small booths with tv monitors to view adult videos, and especially of note, many if the booths also had ...... gloryholes *blush*
And of course, I (as well as my husband) were given certain other "tasks" to complete at the strip clubs as well as at the bookstores/gloryholes, and both environments have been directly tied to fueling some very depraved sexual fantasies that I have secretly harbored for years, and they have been constant fuel for my ever growing compulsion to masturbate, and I have kept these "secrets" a secret, for the most part, for quite some time, and one of the things my bull does incredibly is he has a way of making me so aroused and at times during my heightened arousal, he will lure me in to disclosing how turned on certain fantasy scenarios make me, and he will then persuade me in to exploring them, because he knows that I lack the brazenness to explore them on my own *blush*
He also has learned that the more and more I become aroused, the more my "shyness" disapates *blush*
In summary, I cannot deny that more and more my decisions are being dictated by my body, rather than by my heart/brain, and it is beginning to get even more difficult, and you may understand more in a moment.

You see, in talking with my bull over the phone while he was away, he planted yet another seed in my mind and it quickly took roots and sprouted, and I agreed to do something, but then on Saturday immediately after he had just finished fucking me senseless after an absence of 1 week, I retreated on my previous agreement, and he was not very pleased.  Especially because I did not disclose my decision until after he finished thoroughly using me/fucking me on Saturday morning.
To clarify further, what I had previously agreed to was me getting a queen of spades tattoo, and I was originally really into being branded/stamped as a lover of BBC, but after learning a little more about the queen of spades distinction, someone told me that it also symbolizes being exclusive to BBC only, and as much as I do LOVE BBC, There are also some very nice large white cocks to experience as well, and I did not learn about the exclusiveness of the queen of spades designation until late Friday afternoon, and I had already scheduled to have my tattoo done on Saturday afternoon, and my bull was going to proudly escort his married slut for the occasion, so this left me very little time for me to debate this issue in my mind, but as much as I have fallen In love with BBC, I remained true to myself because I love all large cocks, and do not want to limit myself to BBC only, but the very bad news portion of me deciding this is; my bull has decided to now deny me his BBC, and he did tell me that this could occur if I chose to back out of my decision at the last minute, but if I am totally honest, I really did not think he would do this.  At first I felt angry and disappointed, but by midday yesterday, I was starting to regret my choice because the hunger for his BBC was building inside of me at an astronomical pace, and soon found myself masturbating much more than usual (and I masturbate a lot anyway *blush*) in an obvious and almost desperate attempt to stem the tide, but ughhhh, normally I will masturbate 1-3 times on a normal day (regardless of how much sex I have) but yesterday I reached x 6, and today I am already at x 4 *blush* but it is barely 1pm yet.

I'm trying to stick to my guns, but my cunt is weakening by the minute .....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 14 is Steak and Blow Job Day

So you know my bull got both, but in a restaurant.  After his steak I slithered under his table and sucked his BBC and 2men seated across from got quite a show.

This is the tease version :-)

Full slut version tomorrow, including when my bull forced me to blow 1 of the 2 guys too

Sooooooo much more to cum *blush*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On my bulls arm at a coctail party for his job

Leading up to this past weekend my bull in his usual teasing vague way told me that he was taking me to a party associated with his p/t job, and when he saw my eyes light up with lust, he laughed and said "na bitch, calm yourself, not that kinda party, this is my job", and I guess the disappointment in my eyes was that easy to see, because he quickly added, "I see all that black dick I fed you last weekend only made my married white slut only hungrier for more", and he laughed again and told me that he has something in mind to keep me busy while he is away on business next week, but that is all he would tell me. 
The party he took me too this weekend was a legit cocktail party, not the cock party I was secretly hoping it would be, but he did tell me to look my best and he encouraged me to dress how I enjoy dressing best (revealing and with a slutty flavor to it) and he also emphasized that I needed to make sure I wore my wedding and 2 ct engagagement ring, because I would be on his arm all night and he wanted everyone there to know what aI really was (a married slut who can't resist his BBC).
Of course I agreed and did as I was told.
It was a modest sized crowd of @25 held at an upscale tavern and @ 80% of the people attending were black men, and my bull, true to his word, had me close to his side all evening with my arm hooked through his, and he interesting positioned my ring hand to rest casually on top of his dark skinned strong forearm where my rings were on full display.  He knew everyone there and one could tell that all or most had much respect and admiration for him by the way people went out of there way to greet him/ us as we walked through the crowd as we casually socialized.  Soon after arriving, I could not help notice that almost every man we approached or walked by had their eyes all over me, and this did not phase my bull in the least, and quite to the contrary, he would grin back at the other men proudly, and as many of them would look to rush up to him and greet him and shake his hand, they would really be liking me up and down, almost like a pack of ravenous wolves, and each and everytime he would then introduce me, as "his date", they greeted me and as they did, they all made sure to look directly at my hand bearing my wedding ring/engagement diamond, and my bull even leaned closely to a select few of them, maybe 8-10, and whispered something to them with caused them to smile broadly, and then once again give my body the once over, and my bull would grin back proudly and in his typical arrogant alpha male-like way.
I did lean in to him after awhile and asked him what he was whispering to so many of them, and at first he grinned and said "patience my slut, patience" but he gave me a look that I'm getting familiar with now, and ai could already feel that my cunt was driping just from all the looks, but then as we were leaving, he leans into my ear and said" I brought you here tonight to showoff your goods, and many of them had heard about the insatiable married blonde slut at the party the week before and they all wondered if you were her"

And of course he said I was *blush*
I sucked his BBC as he drove to his condo where he fucked me for 45 minutes, non-stop, pounding me relentlessly, and as he did, he told me that while he was going to be away, I "might be" going to a party, but this time alone, but he still had to finalize a few things first.
His. Vague mentions make me so hot, not knowing.  He then ended with ,"I think it is time for you to visit a glory hole while I'm away as well, and he looked into my eyes as his huge black was buriend to the hilt in my spasming soaked cunt and asked strenly; "and you will do as I tell too, won't you my slut?".
All I could do is moan and gasp a loud, yes, yes, yes, and he then said "good girl, good slut, and pulled his cock out and came so hard all over my face, mouth, neck, and hair.
He also only allowed me to wipe the cum dripping into my eyes.  The rest had to remain where it was during my drive home and my cuck husband will be eagerly awaiting my arrival to lick every drop clean *blush*

Saturday, March 9, 2013

update, but not THAT update, yet

I know all of you are waiting for the details from my BBC gangbang, and be patient, it will come, but I need quite a bit of time to be able to go over every little detail, or at least the ones I remember, because at times it was like I was in a dream, or some type of trance and everything was a blur, so again, please be patient.
The week following my black cock extraveganza has been very interesting because he promises me that last weekend was only the beginning, and just hearing him say this to me of course made my horny little mind wonder what he may possibly have in store for me next.  Well, in addition to fucking my brains out 4 out of the 5 days following my BBC gangbang, he is also now giving me detailed instructions on how I should dress and behave and dress whenever I am not with him.  An example?  He forced me to wear skirts and mini dresses everyday this week with specific instructions to not wear stockings to hide my still healing scraped knees and he said I actually must look people in the eyes after they see them, and do it shamelessly so there is no question the type of slut I am *blush*

Ugh....being called by my nanny.....finish when I can

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just got home from the hotel

So suffice to say that I am very tired, and my first order of business today is to get some sleep because my body needs rest after the workout my bull and his 6 hung BBC friends gave my holes last night. Omfg, even as a I sit hear, chills are still running through my body because even as exhausted as I am, cerian images and feelings are still so fresh and vivid in my mind, and the smell of cum is eminating off of my body, and my hair has dried cum everywhere *blush*
As used as my cunt was last night, I know I will need to finger my horny little cunt and cum to be able to fall a sleep.  My cunt feels soooo well taken care of right now, although my tight little asshole is a bit sore *blush*
In due time I will reveal all of the dirty details from last night, and I am happy to report that I did have a pair of dark black lace top thigh highs that helped hide my scraped knees that resulted from the violent fucking my bull gave me earlier in the week, and I added further protection by wearing black colored bandaids directly over the scrapes, and this made my badly scraped knees barely even detectable.
As my husband drove us home this morning, the inside of our car smelled like cum, and he did not utter one word. As I was looking at my cuck with pride as he drove, I noticed that I was not the only one with dried cum on my neck and hair *blush*
I reached over and lovingly patted the back of his head, leaned over, and kissed his cheek, as I whispered "good boy"  :-)

More to follow, but first I must get some sleep, but even foremost, I first need to make this insatiable cunt cum one last time before I sleep, because my clit is throbbing and talking talking to me yet again *blush*

I LOVE my life today, and soooo LOVE being a slut!

Husband to witness a very special event tonight

So my bull keeps telling me all through dinner.  And yes, my husband was right at table with us.  He also had him wait at the table as he told me to follow him to the men's room, where he pulled out his cock and simply said, "do what you do best my married slut", even as another man was washing his hands.  I nervously glanced his way and my bull quickly said to the man;"you may watch if you like, and dont be fooled by her nervous look because if you look closer at her eyes, you will see that she cannot wait to be ordered to drop to her knees and suck my cock right in front of you, because she truely enjoys being a slut for my big black cock, because she just cannot help herself, even when her husband knows she is in here with me, and likely knows why"
My bull then backed against the entry door and unzipped his pants a d his big black cock quickly sprang into view already three-quarters erect. My eyes widened with lust but I was too far away from him to lean forward and take his cock, so my bull told me to kneel before him and show this man what a good married little cock sucker I was.  The man's eyes widened even more as he started rubbing his cock through his pants.  I reached out and gripped my bulls now rock hard BBC and looked straight in to the eyes of this white businessman types eyes, and took the head of my bulls cock in to my mouth as I moaned my approval.  I heard the man say something like "I cant believe this shit", or something to that affect, and I then started sucking his big black cock more hungrily, but still gripping his shaft at the base.  I also made sure that I gripped his BBC with my left hand to be sure to make my wedding band and diamond fully visible, and aI knew this pleased my bull, as he immediately said "good girl, you will have plenty of opportunities to show off your wedding ring and diamond while you service this BBC, and several others tonight my slut"
By now, I was sucking his cock hungrily as I stroked his long thick black shaft.  He then says "this is the first of many hot loads of cum that will feed your thirst this evening my hot married little bitch, and hearing him say this coupled with being watched hy a total stranger in this restaurants bathroom made me so hot and it made me feel so slutty, which turned me on like mad.  He then says "are you ready to drink my cum now?". And I offer a muffled gutteral approval as He grabs the back of my head and he starts to literally fuck my mouth.  I've lost interest in looking at the stranger because now my sole focus is getting ready to drink my bulls cum, and his cock started to give me the tell tale signs that he was about to cum, and he then takes his cock out of my mouth as im kneeling there gasping, saliva running out of the corners of my mouth, and my bull say " loom at how desperate my married white slut looks for my cum.  Soon she will have it, and then we will go back to the table and she will kiss her husband while she keeps some of my cum in her mouth, and he will taste it immediately, and then kiss her even more eagerly because he has been waiting, knowing exactly what his pretty wife was doing, and with his full approval, because he knows he could never provide his beautiful horny much younger wife with the level of satisfaction a dirty little slut of her pedigree requires, because he knows his small cock is inadequate to do so, and she needs so much because she is truly a slut by nature who just cant resist the temptation to allow others to use her body for their sexual pleasure.  Look at her.  She cannot wait to get her lips back on my cock"
And he was so right.  I ached for his cock and his hot cum at this point.  He knows taking about me like the wanton cum hungry BBC loving slut that I am in front of this total stranger was to only turn me on more because it just keeps making me feel dirtier and sluttier, and feeling that makes me crazy hot. 
My bull finally says "okay by good girl slut, come and take your cum now, because we have to get going because I have some very special guests waiting for us back at our favorite hotel, some come drink up slut, but as always, make sure you dont swallow all of my cum so you save your bitch husband some"
And he ten grabs my hair/head and starts once again fucking my mouth, and one incredible thing about my bull is, he can hold back like no man ai have ever seen, and only cums when he is ready to give it to me, and he can also cum in a minute as well, if he chooses too.  He then says "open wide slut" and slides his cock almost all the way out of my mouth and grips his fingers around the shaft and slides the head just over my tongue so his cum squirting will be in full view of him, and the stranger, and now aim begging him for his cum and suddenly my bull groans, bends his knees slightly, and shoots three consecutive thick, long, hot ropes of his creamy cum splashing against my toungue and down my throat.  I instinctively close my lips on his shaft and suck as more hot cum squirts into my mouth, and I want to swallow every drop, but hesitate and swirl it in my mouth instead.
My bull slides his cock out, wipes it with paper towels from a dispenser, and I now see he is laughing and facing the stranger.  As I stand up straightening myself aI look and realize why my bull was laughing.  The white stranger was standing at a sink with a clump of paper towels vigorously rubbing the crotch of his khaki pants, and there is a large wet spot that is very visible in the front of his pants.  I glance at my bull and he has this look on his face, and I kind of lost it and snickered as I walked by him as my bull took me by my hand and walked me out.  The guy came in his pants *blush*
But I have to admit.  I loved that watching me made him cum in his pants.
As we walk toward the table, my husbands eyes are gleaming eagerly, because he has gotten familiar quickly with how my new bull enjoys to humiliate my husband.
We sit down and I immediately lean over and kiss my husband passionatly, sliding my tinge and my bulls still warm cum into my husbands mouth.  I see our waitress approaching, so to further humiliate him, I breakaway from kissing him while his tongue is deep in my mouth, and as I pull away, cum mixed with salive drips off my husbands tongue.  The waitress stared and did not say a word, but her eyes screamed "did I just see what I thought I seen?"
She also saw us exit the men's room together seconds earlier as well *blush*
She then asked if we were interested in ordering dessert, and my bull took control and said "no, thank you dear, we have some guests waiting for us at a hotel, and they will be treating her to more dessert than she can eat, although her husband is coming too, so he can clean up the leftovers.  He is actually very good at that"
My bull and I laughed as my husband blushed openly, and my bull took my hand prompting me to stand up, and he looked at my husband in his confident way he does and tells him to take care of the bill.  And as we stand there as my husband reaches for cash, my bull turns my chin with his index finger and says ,hold still", and takes his other index finger and wipes a medium sized droplet of cum from my neck, and then brings finger glistening with a little cum to my Los, and I eagerly take the finger into my mouth and like it clean, as I say Mmmmm, as i first look in to my husbands eyes, then the waitresses, and me and my bull walk away as we start cracking up with laughter.  As we are almost ready to walkout, I glance back over my shoulder to see my puppy dog husband hurrying to catch up, and I also cant help but notice that several men have their eyes glued to my ass, and 1-2 turn away quickly before their wives catch them, but I lived the way those men looked at me because they knew what I was, and knew the hot fit black man on my arm was giving me exactly what I needed, but I'm not sure how many knew I was married to the older white gentleman walking behind us, because as we exited the place, my bulls black hand was gripping the full right cheek of my ass, and in a way that Cleary signaled that my as, cunt, and body belonged to him and his huge black cock.

Then he made my husband drive with us sitting in the back.  As soon as we drove off, he gave him the address and then leaned back and told me to get my lips back on his dick.  He then started to tease me ....and my husband, by saing things like"I'm finally giving your wife what she has been begging me to give, so once we arrive to the hotel, your pretty wife will have several bbc's waiting there to use her hot body and hot holes, in addidition to my big black cock as well, although I will not disclose just how many are there, because my slut will be led in to the room blindfolded at first, however, you her husband will also come up to the room, but you will not be blindfolded because she wants you to witness just what a dirty wanton little slut you married, and how much she enjoys being used by big black cocks, but beyond witnessing her out of control lust, there will also be quite a few things happening there that should keep you pretty bust to cuck boy"

We are now finally pulling into the hotel parking lot, and my body is actually trembling just from the anticipation, and my cunt is a sloppy mess and it hasn't even been touched yet.  He told me early in the week that if I was a really good girl all week, I would reward me with between 3-7 cocks, including his, and remembering him say this, my mind was reeling as we walked toward the suite, and as my husband lagged behind carring my bag and a cooler of beverages, my bull whispered, "6" my slut, and me makes seven.

My bull allowed me to write even as we approached the floor in the elevator because he enjoys hear me brag of his my blog, but then he said to put the smartphone away.  Time to blindfold my good girl.

Of course I will tell you every detail ASAP, and call me crazy but it would not surprise me if he has even more than 6, because why else would he blind fold me.

God.....cant even begin to describe the condition my cunt and panties are in.  My cunt is sloppy wet and I can feel that so much cunt jui e has leaked down to cover my ass