My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

scaped knees...

Kind of sucks about my scraped knees, after the fact, because they are so sore, but the part that stinks the most about it is that it will be awhile before I can wear a skirt/dress, because my scraped knees would not look to sexy, would they now?  Plus, it would be much too obvious how the scrapes got there *blush* plus
So having to wear pants stinksssss!  I love showing off my legs, although I was wondering just a moment ago, hmmm, I wonder how visible the scrapes would be if I wore black stockings/thigh highs?
Well, as soon as I get home I will test this possible theory out by trying on a few different pairs that I have, because although some are very sheer,although still black, I am reasonably sure the scrapes will still be pretty visible, however, other ones are darker and not as sheer, so there may be a resolution to this mini-crisis after all.

And many of you already know of how much I love wearing black lace top thigh highs and black gartered stockings (because whenever I wear them they make me feel extra slutty *blush*

So I am excited and anxious to get home a d put them on and look in the mirror to see if they hide the scrapes, because I cant imagine not being able to wear skirts until they are fully healed.  Most of you know how much I enjoy showing my legs off, whether it be from my car, or while having dinner or lunch in a restaurant, or while I am prancing around the mall as I ... shop *blush*

Lest not also forget about when I ... shop... for shoes too *blush*

Cunt was so filled with cum ...

Mu usual routine with my most recent bull is that he usually requests that I stop by his condo on my way home from work (and at times, in the early morning before I begin my commute to NYC) to service his needs and amazing BBC, and yesterday was more special because I had not serviced his big black cock since Saturday afternoon because he was out of town for a couple of days, and he is a huge summer even when I am emptying his balls/cock of all of his cum regularly, but when he called me yesterday @ 1 pm at work telling me that his cock had not cum since he used me Saturday afternoon, and he said that his big cock needed bid dirty married white slut to do what she does best, just hearing him tell me this made my nipples stiffen immediately, and only seconds later I could feel my cunt getting very wet with my clit literally beginning to throb, because knowing that he was back from his trip and wanting me to stop by on my way home so he could use my cunt and mouth, I could not block the thoughts about how well he uses my cunt with that amazing big black cock if his, and I also had an image cemented in my mind related to Saturday afternoon, and the image I kept thinking about over and over was of myself on my knees before him as he stood about 2 ft away from me, and I had already been sucking his magnificent BBC for @ a solid 10-15 minutes, so when he pulled away from my cock hungry mouth, I was left there on my knees as I gasped to catch my breath, with glistening saliva and precum smeared all over my face close to my lips, and I knelt there, mouth open with me eyes wide and fixed in his big black rock hard cock.  His shaft was glistening from my saliva, his black shaft glistening and twitching slightly as a rope of precum oozed and dripped from the head of his cock.  I leaned forward with my mouth open, eager to catch it in my mouth, but he stopped me, saying "not so fast slut.  I will tell you when to start suckin this big dick"
So I knelt there just staring wantonly at his cock as the veins bulged all over his shaft, my saliva covering every inch of his BBC as it started to drip down to his shaved balls.
This vision is still soooooo in my head, and everytime I see this, I can barely control myself.  Barely!  And I also have to be careful because on Monday I was in my office at work and this same image in my mind started to consume me, and thank God no one was nearby that could see me, because I fell in to almost like a very deep daydream and when the phone rang and sort of snapped me out of it, I then realized that both of my hands were on my thighs as I had already started to unconsciouly caress the soft skin on the insides of my thighs as I drew these small little circles against my skin, and my legs were already starting to spread, and although my skirt was not hiked up, it did hike up slightly just from my legs beginning to open unconsciously  from being so aroused.
I have to give you the abbreviated version of how incredibly well my BBC bull fucked my Insatiable cunt after being away from my holes for a few days, and it is important to mention that he did not use any other sluts holes while he was away, and he rarely jerks off, so suffice to say that he fucked me liked a wild animal in heat once his big cock slid into my soaked cunt, and it may have been the deepest, hardest, most thorough fucking he has ever given his dirty little slut, and I could not even give you a guess regarding how many times he made me cum, as he manhandled my body from position to position, eventually ending with me on all fours and him alternating between gripping my hips/ass, or grabbing my hair as he POUNDED my cunt from behind.  He finally came in a torrent deep in my soaked cunt when my entire body was shuddering with its umpteenth orgasm.  This occurred on his living room floor, and my knees became all scraped up from the pending he gave me, although as it was happening, my body was oblivious to anything other than the intense pleasure his big black cock was creating deep inside my cunt.  My body and hair were drenched in sweat, and I laid on the floor trying to catch my breath and recover for a full 10-15 minutes, until he finally slapped my ass and said"now bring that well fucked, cum-filled married white cunt home to your husband, so he can clean you up and finish the job"
Of course I did as I was told and dressed and straightened myself up (as best I could) and drove home.  My knees were now burning from being so scraped, but the thing I felt most was how my bulls cum was bugging to ooze from my cunt.  I called ahead to my husband and told him to be ready in the bed and on his back, and he obediantly just said "yes dear", but I could hear the eagerness in his voice anyway.  He knew what was expected, and knew there would be a lot of cum in my cunt, because he too knew that my bull had not had any married white pussy in a few days as well, so when I arrived home, I started shedding my clothes even as I walked to the bedroom, but I left my cum soaked panties on and climbed on my bed and lowered my still panty covered cu t down onto my husbands mouth, and told him to first "lick your slut wife's cum soaked panties bitch", which he did hungrily as he muffled moans came from his throat.  Eventually, I then lifted my hips/cunt from his mouth briefy, skid off my panties, then mashed my cunt  back over his mouth, and commanded him to "now clean every drop of cum from your slut wife's cum" as I relaxed my pelvic muscles, and allowed all of my black bull lovers cum flow in to my husbands mouth.  My husband has grown to love this part of his cuck ritual, and I knew my bull left a massive load of cum inside me because I had never felt his BBC spasm and twitch like it did this time when he came.  I could feel the ropes of cum streaming from his cock as they shot forcefully against the walls deep in my cunt.  So forcefull that it al.ost felt like he was pissing inside me.
My husband actually started to gag from the volume of cum now dripping from my cunt, and he actually tried to catch his breath and slightly pull his mouth away for a second, but as soon as I felt this, I mashed my cunt even harder against his mouth, using almost all of my weight to do so, and he knows the penalties associated with missing even one droplet of cum, so he quickly and eagerly resumed lapping up every drop of BBC cum from my very well fucked cunt.  Of course I tormented and humiliated him verbally as he did his job, reminding him how incredibly superior my bull is to him in every sexual way possible, and how impossible it would be to be satisfied by his small white cock, and how he should count his blessings everyday for my BBC bulls ability to give his slut wife's cunt what it so desperately needs *blush*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hinting that my cunt was going to be filled and stretched like never before, so when we arrived to the room, my cunt was so wet that it had soaked through the crotch of my pink lace panties completely, and as I stood before my BBC bull in only my bra, panties and heels, he firmly but gently backed me against a wall as my eyes darted around the room, and he then noticed me staring at the closed bathroom door. He snickered and told me that the lust was so obvious in my eyes, and he then said "my slut cant stop wondering what my little surprise is, can she?". He then pulled the cups of my bra down and my rock hard nipples were on full display, and I felt myself blushing because he was so right; my lust was so obvious.  He then took each nipple between his thumb and index finger and began to tease me relentlessly, first just gently tugging on them and alternatly grazing his open palms across them.  Eventually he started to tug and twist them, first gently, and my eyes rolled back into my head as the intense sensations went from my nipples, then down through my core and into my stomach, and as he teased them more forcefully, the sensations then traveled straight to my throbbing swollen clit.  My hips were now involuntarily moving, and he then produced a silk scarf from his pocket and blindfolded me, saying "dont worry my slut, you will soon see the surprise I brought you, but first, your hungry married cunt needs to feel it first.  He then led me to the bed and pushed me on to my back.  He started to tell me to spread my legs as he removed my soaked panties, but before he could finish the sentence, my legs sprung open automatically.  He then gasped, and said that he has never seen my cunt so wet and ready without it even being touched yet, and he went on to tell me to relax as something large started to move slowly up and down my soaked lips.  He told me that he thought My cunt would need to be loosened a bit to accommodate what he brought me, but said my lips were fully engorged and open, as the juices dripped from my open cunt and down onto my asshole.  He then said"I can see that your hungry cunt is inpatient, so I will now give it what it craves.  I felt something very large skidding up and down my opening, and then felt the head of the biggest cock I had ever felt in my life starting to slide in to me.  He told me to relax because my legs sere beginning to tremble, and he only had eased just the head in to my cunt, and he then withdrew it entirely from my cunt and I involuntarily gasped disappointgly, he laughed, and then brought the head of this huge rubber cock and ruberd it against the lips of my mouth.  He then said " feel how wet the head of this huge cock is my hot little bitch", and he then told me to taste my juices on the head, and my mouth opened, and as he held it there, I let out a sigh that clearly told him that I was in awe of its size.  My lips could barely get around it, and no sooner had they closed around it, he yanked from my mouth leaving me gasping for breath and exclaiming "oh my fucking God".
He then started sliding it back in to me, slowly, an inch at a time, as I lay there trembling, but almost unable to move, because the sensations it produced in my hungry cunt were so intense.  He then asked "do you want more slut?" Of course I answered yes, but he taunted me and said "I cant hear you bitch, do you want more cock?". This time a loudly said yes, but he taunted me further, saying "yes what slut?  Tell me what you want?  So I said "I want more if that cock", and he quietly said almost proudly "good girl, Good slut".  He then began pushing this massive cock into me and now even he was saying that he could not believe that my cunt could take such a huge cock.  Soon after, it almost felt surreal, and it felt like I was in a dream, hearing my own voice echoing in the background begging him to give me more cock, and to fuck me harder.  Then he suddenly rips the blindfold from my eyes and commands me to open my eyes and look down between my spread legs, and I did exactly as I was told, a d gasped and moaned loudly as I saw that he had about 8 inches of this massive dildo buried in my cunt.  He then said "keep watching slut" as he began to ever so slowly begin to withdraw this massively ling and thick cock from my cunt.  Even I was amazed at how my glistenly swollen lips clung to the shaft of this monster  cock, a d seconds later I once again closed my eyes and threw my head back, and began to beg him to "fuck me hard and deep and give my cunt all if that monster cock.  This time my bull obliged me and he started pounding my cunt, deep and hard.  As soon as this assault on my soaked cock hi get cunt began, I came uncontrollably and with little warning.  Usually I can feel it building, but this time my orgasm came out of nowhere, and it was beyond intense.  My head was thrashing from side to side as sweet covered my face.  My entire body trembled almost to the point of convusling.
I dont think I had ever cum more intensly, and not until I had wound Down from back to back amazing orgasms that I realized there was a huge set spot under me on the bed *blush*

Big Boy cont .....

relentlessly teased me in the elevator and all through dinner, hinting that
Ugh.....gotta dun
Finish asap

Big Boy ...

I finally have some free time to write, and I apologize for the delay, but most of my free time I am usually preoccupied with which ever big cock is using me, and if and when I do get a little free time, many times my fingers are busy doing something other than writing in my blog *blush* but I also have a new obsession and he is called "big boy"
No, that is not his nickname, although It is surely an appropriate one, because "big boy" is the name of my newest dildo that my bull gave me as a gift on Vslentines day, and it was a surprise gift at that and I will tell you more in a moment about how he presented me wit this surprise gift, but first some background  info about ...big boy.
Big boy is a dildo that definitely lives up to his name, and many of you already know that for thus girl, size most defuntly matters, and many also know how much I love using my 9 inch suction cup based dildo (especially the black one) because I can set the suction cup base to the floor or a wall and ride to my hearts content and my fingers are then free to busy themselves on my clit or hard sensitive nipples, but let me tell you, Big Boy makes my 9 inch dildo feel almost mediocre in comparison, because Big Boy is a whopping 12" x 7".
I have learned that my hungry cunt can accommodate some big cocks and takes my 9 inch dildo almost to the base, but omg, this new dildo and how intense it is makes me tremble and cum so incredibly hard that I actually need time to catch my breath.  I have never been so filled and stretched, and my bull actually made me look down between my legs to witness for myself how my engirged glistening cunt lips gripped this amazingly thick shaft of this amazing rubber cock.
I should also say that my bulls BBC is just a hair under 10 inches, and he is in the process of arranging "a date" for my cunt to be used by him and two of his friends, and one is supposedly a full inch longer than my bulls BBC, and he has been talking about introducing my hungry cunt to him for several weeks now, and when he told me he was bringing a surprise for me on Valentines Day night, by the time we finished dinner, my cunt was soaked just from wondering if the "surprise" was his friends 11" BBC waiting In the hotel room, and my bull teased me relentlessly with descriptive dirty talk all through dinner and during the el

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Im back....

I've missed writing in my blog and although I have to be more careful about when I write because it has become too risky to vist my blog from my work office due to IT upgrades and new filters installed, I cannot resist all of the readers demands to continue updating my blog about my growing sexual appetite and exploits, so stay tuned because I will find a way to update my blog, but as always, you can always email your feedback and questions because I love hearing what people's thoughts and reactions are to what I reveal, and will always try my best to answer your questions as openly and as honestly as I can, but please dont email me asking generic vanilla questions like "what are your turn ons?" or ask me some other generalized vanilla flavored questions.  Be graphic and ask me what you are really wondering about, no matter how lewd it may be *blush*

You should know from reading my blog that although I may "appear" to be shy and girl-next-doorish, I am a MILF with a very dirty mind, and we are far more common than you may think.