My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Monday, October 3, 2011

I apologize ....

I apologize for not finding enough time to write in my blog lately but hopefully these pics make up for it a little bit.  I hate that the summer is ending, although I will find a way to showoff this body even in the winter :) 

I will also post my newest conquest in   a minute :)

This is one of the thickest cocks I have fucked and it was soooo intense!  I don't think I have ever been stretched more *blush* 


  1. Thanks for the lovely pics. The pics were a welcomed surprise as I know you don't post that many of your blog.
    However I think it's only fair now that you kept your followers waiting for so long for an update that you post a video of you doing the nasty, to make up for it a little bit, hehe.



  2. That's a lucky young lad :-)

    Lucky you, too, I guess :-)


  3. Welcome back....just re-found your site and its good to see you posting again...sent you a welcome back email babe.
    My cock is hard for your wet hole

  4. A fantasy my little slut...

    candles flicked soft light on the walls, shadows dancing around in the twilight hours. Lord Markster led Pami into the room and pushed her to the bed.... She rolled on to her back, panther like and stared hungrily up at him....He regarded her with confidence...the confidence of a man about to claim what he desired. Her eyes traced his body as he ripped back his shirt, spraying buttons on the floor then moved over her excited form. Forcing her legs wide he shoved his hand between her legs and felt the wet fabric of her panties....the sticky sounds of her wet cunt being rubbed and teased. Leaning forward his mouth took her nipples one at a time and sucked them hard as her head tilted back. A moan escaped her lips...
    Her cunt was soon revealed, wet and juicy, leaking for him...wanting his cock inside, aching for it.....she moved onto all fours and took him in her mouth after revealing his stiffness.....

  5. Another slut I wrote to used to love the idea of being covered in my seed....she wanted it all over her you it made her feel slutty and her cunt would get so wet as I described how I was going to fuck her slut hole and then make her my beautiful cumslut, covered in my creamy cum....

  6. What a wonderful chronicles you have here.

    I just got hard with it.

    Thanks for share.