My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Trip to the Movies

I went in to last weekend knowing that I would talk to my newest friend about the finer details of his plan to have me visit the theater where he works, because I had to feel really comfortable with the situation in order to be able to go through with what I agreed to do, because after all, his plan was to find a sexy MILF that would be willing to visit a theater (a regular theater too, not an adult theater) on a week night between 9pm - 10:30pm,  and who would be willing to do ...... certain things..... with a total stranger ......right in the theater as the movie was playing *blush*, so it was not too difficult to figure out that he must work at the theater in some capacity, but another reason for it happening on a week night was because most theaters are typically not very crowded on a week night (except Friday night), and especially for the last showing of the day, which usually begins @ 9pm.
The plan going in to the weekend was for him to email me his cell # with instructions to call him promptly at a particular time of the day on Sat or Sunday so we could actually physically talk to each other and finalize our plans, but as aroused as the whole idea had me, a big part of me thought that he would chicken out and not email me the telephone number because he was pretty young (22) and guys will think up some pretty crazy stuff while they are sitting there jerking off, but once they cum the shame/guilt/embarrassment for some sets in and they then disappear, so when I woke up on Saturday morning and found an email from him waiting for me in my inbox, a horny grin immediately crossed my face as I waited for the email to open.  When it opened my eyes widened because there in front of me was HIS CELL NUMBER with brief, but specific instructions for me to call him at exactly 3:15pm that day.  I made sure my calender was clear for the next 3-4 days so I knew I would be calling him, so I emailed him back and said I would call at the designated time.  I called him at  3:15pm and after a few nervous moments we both started to speak freely and openly with him asking me the typical questions; (all of which I had already answered via email), asking me how old I was, if I were married or single, what I looked like, etc, and I actually took it a step further because I wanted to convince him that I was truly interested in doing this, so I emailed him a few pics of myself but partially blocked my face for the time being.  He actually sounded younger than 24 but that really didn't concern me that much as long as I was reasonably sure he was of legal age. 
As I previously mentioned, I did tell him all about me in previous emails and I am sure I told him I was married as well, and as we chatted I looked for an opening to bring my marital status up again because the more I thought about this plan of his, the more I wanted to include my little bitch (my cuckold husband of course :) in some way, so after talking more about .... details *blush* I told him I would agree to do this as long as I could have my husband seated somewhere in the theater so I would feel more comfortable about the situation from a safety perspective.  I gave him no insight in to the type of relationship I have with my husband because I am not sure a 22 yr old would even know what a cuckold husband is.  He only asked "are you guys swingers?", and I just sort of giggled and said "yeah, something like that".  He then asked to what extent my husband would participate, and I quickly replied by telling him that he would only be there to ensure my safety, and I almost told him that the bigger reason he would be there was for me to tease him and make him witness what a dirty little slut his wife is, but I stopped short of doing this.  He then said that I should walk in to theater # 8, which is located toward the back of the theater (it is a multiplex theater with 10 theaters) and he then asked what I would be wearing, and I then said very confidently with a big grin on my face; "believe me, you will know me when you see me".  He then started to tell me his name but I stopped him, telling him I didn't even want to know, reminding him that he is supposed to be a total stranger.  We then ended the phone call.

Then on Sunday evening I simply told my husband that we were going "to the movies" on Tuesday evening at 9pm, and he asked what movie we were going to see and I gave him a cold stare and just said; "we are not going there to watch a movie.  Just do as you are told and don't ask questions bitch", and he lowered his head like a good little puppy dog and said "yes ma'am" :)

By the time Tuesday evening came I was in a constant state of arousal, and masturbating 3 times during the course of the day did little to nothing to curb my appetite.  My husband walked in to the bedroom as I was getting dressed and he did not say one word to me but I could tell from the look on his face that he knew the evening would be eventful after seeing how I was dressed.
I guess I should tell you how I was dressed? :)

It rained all day and night on Tuesday and this actually worked perfectly because I was still unsure as to what I wanted to wear but the weather helped me make my choice. 

I have decided to to tell you what I was wearing as I walked in to the theater, and believe me, by the time I walked in, my heart was POUNDING from racing so fast and being so aroused.  I was originally going to dress in a skirt with a partially see through blouse and have stockings on, etc, but if you saw me standing buying my ticket I am sure I would have turned some heads (and I did :), but the real show was yet to begin.  I wore a stylish pleated black rain coat that was knee length.  My husband was already seated in theater # 8, and after I paid for my ticket I began walking toward theater #8 and I was amazed at how few people were at the movies on such a rainy evening, but I was not complaining because it was actually perfect for what I was about to do.  As I walked to the theater a few workers passed me and I nervously wondered which was the guy who arranged this and then another younger guy appeared from another theater and I immediately knew he was the guy by how he openly leered at me as I walked toward him.  I glanced at him and then purposely looked away and I finally located theater # 8 and I walked in.  The movie had already started and this particular theater has stadium seating so I stood at the front for a moment to survey the crowd and locate the prearranged spot for me to sit.  He wanted me seated close to a side exit..  I noticed my husband immediately, and there were maybe 6 others in the theater, luckily for me, all of them were men.  I could see a few were older men and a few were younger, maybe early 20s, and another I noticed was older, over weight, and balding, and as I walked by him he hungrily eyed my legs which made me grin to myself as I walked by him.  I was sort of searching for the right seat when all of a sudden the guy who arranged it all appearred almost out of nowhere and discreetly pointed to a row where I should sit.  I stepped in to the ailse and went to the seat farthest away from the aisle against a wall.  Once seated I took a careful look around and the only one really close to me was my husband, who was seated in the row behind me.  The other closet person was the over weight gentleman and there were also two younger guys sitting together in the row behind him.  I then turned and faced the screen and slumped in my chair slightly, and then began to take my rain coat off.  I had to do this carefully because underneath it all I wore was a black lace half cup bra, a matching black lace see through thong, black lace top thigh highs, and 4 inch sling back heels.  Additionally, I had a manicure/pedicure earlier in the day and I was wearing bright red nail polish on both my fingers and my toes, as well as wearing slutty bright red lipstick.  My heart was racing and I could barely resist reaching between my legs to my now very over heated and very wet cunt, but instead I sort of nervously looked around as I tired to see where the guy was who arranged it all as I let my legs slowly spread wider and wider.  Almost instinctively, my left hand went to my breasts as I started nervously tracing the tip[ of my index finger along the cups of my bra, and this particular bra barely covers my perky nipples and all I have to do is move a certain way for them to come popping out from under the cups of my bra, but I didn't want this to happen just yet but as I traced the tip of my finger, a small portion of my areola's were now visible and the sensations shot straight to my already throbbing clit.I could see from the corner of my eye that my husband was leaning forward and trying to strain to see more, and then suddenly I saw the over weight man change his seat and sit directly behind me about 3-4 seats to my husbands left.  He obviously sensed something was about to happen.  I was so aroused that I was completely oblivious to what movie was even playing on screen because my senses were heightened for a different type of entertainment.  I looked down my body and spread my legs even wider, this time reaching in to the edge of my panties and pulling my thong to the side.  Just as I did this, a day light scene appearred on screen and filled the room with light and I could not help but notice how engorged my clit and the lips of my hungry cunt were.  I heard myself gasp as I could not resist touching my clit, and I was just about to look to see where the guy was because now I wanted to be fucked almost desperately, and as I turned to look for him, he was already walking in to my aisle.  As he walked toward me I could see that his pants were already unzipped.  he sat in the seat beside me as I nervously looked straight ahead, buit I could stills ee out of the corner of my eye that his cock was out and it looked quite big and very rigid.  I then saw him sliding a condom on to his rigid cock and I thought to myself, oh my God, I am actually going to let this stranger fuck me right here in the theater, and right in front of my husband, and just as he started to stand and position himself in front of me, I turned and glanced toward my husband and I could see his arm/shoulder moving and this told me that he had his own cock out and was already jerking off.  I then glanced toward the fat guy and he was doing the same thing as he sat on the edge of his seat staring at us.  I then heard the young kid say "God, you are fucking hot" and I turned back to face him just as he bent his knees and grabbed his cock and started to move it toward my soaked waiting cunt.  I then looked right at him and said "now fuck your hot little slut good and hard", as I felt him push the head of his hot cock against the lips of my cunt.  I was soaked so as he pushed his cock against my  cunt, it easily slid in to me as I moaned softly.  My hands went to my bra and I pulled it down exposing my now rock hard nipples and my fingers quickly went to each nipple as I started pinching them and twisting them and tugging on them feverishly.  The guy was now all the way in me and I was shocked at how nice his cock was.  He started rhythmically fucking me and soon I was moaning and did not even care who heard me.  My eyes were shut and I became lost in how he was fucking me, and I even started whispering to him to fuck me harder, grabbing his ass and pulling his cock in to me deeper.  I could tell it would not be long before this young kid came and my right hand went right for my clit as I started to feel my own orgasm building.  I started rubbing my clit frantically as I moaned.  Then the young kid announced he was about to cum and I reminded him to not cum in me but instead to cum "all over my pretty face", and he moaned loudly hearing me say this, gave my cunt 3 more deep hard thrusts and then pulled out and unleashed a geyser of hot cum, squirting all over my tits, neck, and face.  My fingers were a blur on my cunt at this point because now I needed to cum badly and I was soooo close.  I could hear whispers but blocked them out and seconds later came in a torrent.

I lay there gasping for a few seconds as I slowly came back to reality, and as soon as I did, my eyes opened and the young kid had vanished, but hearing more whispers I turned to see my husband, the fat guy, and 3 younger guys all seated next to each other, and all of them (except my bitch husband) had looks of amazement on their faces.  I quickly fixed my bra, and my panties, then quickly put my rain coat on and I got up and began to walk out, and as I approached them men sitting in a row near my husband I smiled nervously and then looked past them and indictead with a curled up index finger for my husband to follw, and I wanted them to know so I said "come on honey, you have an early day at work tomorrow", and the look of amazement was even wilder now that I was closer to them because they could now clearly see that although my breasts were now hidden under the raincoat, I did nothing to wipe the cum from my face and neck, and as my husband walked by my side, I hooked my arm in to his arm and walked out of the theater past several men (and even 4 girls) covered in cum.

Then, during the 40 minute drive back home, I was still so aroused from the slutty act I had just done that I fingered my clit in the car as my husband drove home, and anytinme I truck pulled along side his car, I did spread my legs even wider and proudly displyed my wet cunt for them to see.  It was raining like crazy and the visual conditions were not the greatest, but from the honking of the trucks horn, it told me he got to see enough *huge blush*

I have done some very slutty things over the years, but I have to say, this defintly makes my top 5 most sluttiest acts ever!

So far anyway *blush* 


  1. Just reading this has caused me to be immensely aroused. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to watch you put on a show!

    Great post.

  2. The men in the theater have talked about this adventure time and time again. Do any of their friends actually believe them when they talk of a super sexy and beautiful woman, dressed like a slut getting fucked and covered in cum at the local movie theater... and then to have her Hubby follow her out??? You will live forever in their memory..! THANKS for sharing..TT

  3. Hi. There,
    It was a pleasure tonight to Read your new adventures ! I was afraid you will never ome back after this long break ! This story was REALLY OUTSTANDING ! Please continue agai. To please us as you do ! Don't hesitate to visit our blog too... We, on our side, are posting more pics and vids than texts. This is our way to share our fantasies ! Thanks again !