My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love to Tease

From the first time I gave a boy a hand job when I was 14 I knew that I loved to tease someone. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had a huge crush on this boy and he was a grade older than me and I felt so inadequate because at that age all of the boys seem to be interested in the girls who had big boobs and mine were just beginning to develop, and even to this day remain small and perky (34b), but as I said, I remember being so self-conscious about my boobs back then, and as I look back on it now, it wasn't like I had nothing there because they were actually nice and perky, and one of the best features I have are my nipples because they are ultra responsive and get very erect and very long, but as a 14 yr old girl surrounded by girls with bigger boobs, let's just say I didn't have the most self confidence. I was at a party and the boy I had the crush on started flirting with me and before long we were in one of the bedrooms making out, and boys huis age are not the most graceful, so as he continued kissing me, he alternated from squeezing my boobs through my blouse and attempting to unbutton my shirt, but he kept fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, and as we made out I could not ignore the hard bulge protruding from his jeans, and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans and even though I had no experience at the time, it felt so big to me and I was very eager to see it, so I finally pushed his hands away and whiperered "I will unbutton them for you if you let unzip your jeans", and he snickered out loud and said go right ahead. I then unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off, and in a qucik motion my bra was off and I could tell from the look on his face there were not too many girls that had done this for him. At that moment I could feel the power shift between us, and I really liked the feeling. Before that moment I always felt that he had the upper hand because he was funnier, smarter, more athletic, etc, etc, but all of a sudden I felt very powerful and totally in control. I looked right at him as he stared open-mouthed at my pert breasts and said "now it is your turn", and I reached over and unzipped his jeans and he stood briefly as I pulled them down around his ankles. When he sat down he started kissing me again, and he actually was a really good kisser for a 15-16 yr old boy, and I love to kiss and always get so aroused if the person kissing me knows how to kiss, so his inexperienced hands went to my breasts and he started squeezing them roughly, and although I do LOVE to have them played with roughly today, I did not back them, so I instead whispered to him to be more gentle and to play with my nipples. As soon as his fingers touched my already rock hard nipples, the feeling went through my breasts, down in to my belly, and straight to my now throbbing clit. It felt so good that I almost forgot he was sitting there in his boxer shorts with a raging hard on causing a tent in his boxers. I grabbed his cock through the material and I was able to wrap my fingers around the shaft, but all this did was make me want to see it and feel it in my bare hands, so I reached in to the wasitband and he took the hint and lifted his hips as I slid his boxers down around his ankles. His young very hard cock sprang in to view immediatly and I felt like my eyes would pop out of my head because it looked so nice and so big and soooo hard. The veins were bulging like crazy as it twitched slightly. I gently encircled my fingers around the base of his cock and began slowly and gently carressing his big cock. Looking back on it I guess he was about 6 1/2 inches, but it still looked very big to me back then. I loved feeling it in my hands. How hot the skin was and how incredibly soft the skin was, but at the same time, the cock itself was so rock hard, and I loved that contrast. I also immediately fell in love with how he reacted when I touched him. He gasped and moaned softly as he laid back on the bed we were sitting on as we made out. I began experimenting with how I was touching him by alternating between grabbing the base firmly and pumping his entire cock up and down, to lightly carressing the sides of his shaft with the tips of both of my fingers, and when I saw clear fluid begin to form at the pee hole on the head of his cock, I used the tip of my index finger to lightly rub the sticky clear fluid over the head of his cock. He seemed to like when I lightly stroked the sides and head of his cock, so I continued doing this and soon his breathing was getting heavier and his moans were getting loder so I knew I was doing it right, and he also began arching his hips and pushing his cock sort of in a humoing motion, and when I saw this I actually slowed down and when I did this he exhaled with a sort of a disappointed sigh, so I returned to stroking his cock the way he liked, but as he got more in to it, I slowed once again until he started telling me not to slow down and that he was getting close to cumming. Remember, I was only 14 and I didnt think I was really that interested in him shooting cum all over my hands back then, largely because I had never experienced it and had only over heard other girls describing it as being gross, so as soon as he told me this I slowed purposely because I was starting to enjoy teasing him. For most of the time he continued teasing me as well by playing with my nipples, abnd it was making me so horny, but at some point he laid all the way on his back and was only concentrating on me jerking his cock. I( continued teasing his cock by starting and stopping until he literally begged me to not stop. I then started methodically stroking his cock from the base with one hand as I took my index finger of my bother hand and started teasing the underside of his cock just below the head, and it was oozing so much precum by then and it made it really salippery and I was really getting in to it. But I still was not wanting him to cum all over my hands, but I had no experience so I didnt know the warning signs, so as I methodically worked his rock hard cock, he was now breathing really heavily and arching his hips like crazy, and his cock was even harder than before and I felt it beginning to twitch in my hand, and just as I started to tell him to not cum on me, without any verbal warning from him, hot cum began squirting like mad from the head of his cock. It really caught me off guard because I didnt think he would cum without giving me any type of notice, especially after I told him not to cum on me,and I also didnt think he was that close, and I definitly was not prepared for how hard he came, and how much shot out, and how powerfully it squirted out.

Although I did tell him not to do that, and I did not anticipate that I would enjoy this part of it, I learned a lot of things that night. I learned that I enjoy controlling someone by teasing their cock. I learned that I really enjoyed stroking a hard cock, and to my surpise, I definitly learned that I enjoyed feeling hot sticky cum squirting on my hands and arms, and LOVED seeing it squirt powerfully from the head, because I CAUSED THIS!

It wasnt very soon after this night, because I really enjoyed jerking boys off, but my curiousity eventually got the better of me when I started dating another boy with an even bigger cock, and whern I was jerking him off one night and he grabbed me by the back of my head and started pushing it toward his big cock, I went with the flow and sucked my first cock that night and LOVED every aspect of it. The control it afforded me, the feeling of the soft skinned rock hard cock in my mouth, and feeling it stiffen and twitch as he got closer and closer, and then ukltimately feeling hot cum exploding from the head of his cock and filling my mouth,

OMG, I knew I was addicted .....

As I grew older and my body continued to develop, so did my skill at teasing with it. I learned how to manipulate male teachers just by crossing and uncrossing my legs in class, and then flirting with some of them added to it. They were butter in my hands, just as the young boys I jerked off were.

Next I will tell you how I practiced crossing and uncrossing my legs at home while sitting in front of a mirror, so I would know what angle showed what, and how to move in order to show as little, or as much, as I wanted them to see *blush*

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