My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Neighbors son gets a peek

I only have a few minutes to tell you this so maybe I can get back on later and give you more details, because it is difficult to tell you some of the back story in such little time.
Our neighbors house is not super close to ours but close enough, and certain windows to my bedroom just happen to face the bedroom of my neighbors 17 yr old son, and their family is pretty close with ours and he in particular is a really good kid. He is the star football player in school, mows our lawn and cleans our pool during the warm weather months, and he is generally a really nice kid. Two summers ago I started to notice that he was taking an added interest in me (my body) as I sunbathed nearby as he was cleaning our pool, and although he is still very young, I found his interest to be very flatterring. I also found that whenever I saw him in our yard, whether he was there to mow the lawn or clean our pool, I found that I started to go a little out of my way to ..... peak his interest further so to speak *blush*. I typically do not dress provocatively when I am just lounging around the house, but I also do not wear one piece bathing suits and school marm outfits either lol. I have been told that some of the neiborhood kids think that I am a total MILF, and even saying this makes me blush, but at the same time, knowing they think of me in this way excites me tremendously as well.
So anytime I see him in our yard or working near the pool, for the last 2 years I have continued to dress a bit more sexier when he is around, and especially if my husband is away on business. I can't help it. I love to tease and I love the attention, although I always usually pretend to not notice. I have his routine pretty much down now so I will usually be in the yard sun tanning when he comes over, and most of the bikinis I wear are pretty revealing without being too far over the top, and most highlight my perky 34b breasts because I feel they are one of my best tease features, and primarily because my nipples are so responsive and become impossible to hide even with the slightest arousal on my part. In short, someone really has to either not be paying attention or really disinterested to miss hy hard perky nipples poking through my bikini top, and my neighbors son,I will call him Aaron here)Aaron, seems far from disinterested, and I love catching him trying to steal glimpses of them, and quite honestly, it turns me on like crazy seeing him so nervously trying to look at them. If he only knew the dirty little fantasies that involve him that roll through my head as I masturbate.

So I have continued to tease him every chance I get during the summer months, and was looking forward to this lousy cold weather going away soon, and I had just returned home from work the other night and the sun was just going down as I pulled in to my driveway, and as I did I noticed Aaron standing at his window gazing toward our house, and when he saw me he seemed to nervously and quickly let go of the blinds. I then glanced at his window again but there was no sign of him. I would be lying if I told you I had never wondered if he could see in to my bedroom from his bedroom window, and the more I thought of it, it seemed like a no brainer because not only did his bedroom window face mine, his is on the 2nd floor, and mine is on the first, so in theory, he would have a birdseye view in to my bedroom i as long as he was at a certain window in his bedroom, and the window I saw him standing at happened to be the one. As I walked in to my house I could not help but wonder if my young neighbor was trying to see if I were home from work yet, because I typically undress as soon as I get home, and sometimes my house keeper forgets to pull my blinds, and I usually dont notice this until later. I swear it isnt done purposely, but I will admit, it is convienant the more I think about it. But again, I am not so sure he could see much even with the blinds not being pulled, but the way the window lines up with where I would typically be standing, it does sound feasible because I usually stand at my closet, and although at times I do strip down naked and hop in to the shopwer, more times than not I am just taking my business attire off and getting in to more comfortable clothes to hang out at home in, and I do dress reasonalbly conservatively for work because I am a senior level manager fopr a very prestigious research hospital, but I ALWAYS dress much sexier underneath my business attire, and LOVE wearing black lacy lingerie, so the liklihood of him sneaking a peek at me standing there in a black lace bra and panties was very possible. The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to see what he was able to see, so I started to think of a way to someone go over to his house, and get to his room so I could look out of his window myself and see exactly what he could see, and then I could tailor a little showoff session just for him *blush*, but of course the whole time making it look as if I was unaware he was watching.

Damn, it is lunch time and I have to meet someone downstairs in the cafeteria, so I will have to finish this later ....

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