My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little more about me ...

As you already know, this blogging thing is very new to me, so I figured I should probably give you a little more background before jumping in to some of my secrets, and other antics.
I usually am very detailed but I will intentionally be a bit vague about certain things in order to keep my identity a secret. You see, I am married, but my husband has no knowledge of my secrets, and I enjoy being married to him, for several reasons, so I have to be cautious.
He is significantly older than I am (by almost 25 years), and it is sort of a marriage of convienance for both of us, but for different reasons. The primary reason I married him was for the financial security he offers me, although I do continue to work because it is just who I am, and I enjoy the independence my career gives me, plus I travel to seminars a couple of times each year, and when I am away from where I live or work, my very naughty side always surfaces because I feel safer to dress and behave much more provocatively. For him, one of the main reasons he married me (although he will not fully admit to this)is because he is a very successful businessman/business owner, and because of this, he typically attends or hosts many business-related functions/parties, and he very much enjoys having me on his arm to showoff as his so-called trophy wife. He also is away on business frequently as well, and this too affords me the time to sneak away when my horniness gets the better of me (which is often *blush*).
I have always considered myself a very horny girl, but since entering my 30's, and more specifically the last 2 years, my libido has been off the charts. I also have been very comfortable(well, not when I was younger so much ...... felt much more shame and guilt back then about it)with my need to masturbate, but once again, for the last couple of years it has now become a daily routine (at the very least), and at times, I will masturbate several times a day. When I was younger I would only masturbate when I was at home, but at times, my horniness grows/builds to a point where I cannot help but touch myself, regardless of whether I am in my office at work, while I am out "shopping", or whether I am in my car during my 90 minute commute to and from work. When at work I will usually lock my office door, but there have even been times where I was so crazed and so wet, that I didnt even take the time to lock the door (usually late in the day when most staff are gone), and I have also done it in many the "ladies rooms", store dressing rooms, and even right in my car.
If you have been following my blog, you already know what an exhibitionist I can be, and when indulge, I typically become very, very aroused, and to the point where as soon as I was back in my car and ready to leave, my hand/fingers would go straight to my throbbing clit and soaked cunt.
I also like to tease and showoff in my car during my commute, and the rush hour traffic allows me perfect opportunities to showoff my legs and the lace tops of my thigh highs (if wearing them) as people slowly pull along side of my car. Especially if they are driving an SUV, van, truck, or a car that allows them to look down in to my car. I drive a sporty 4 door European sedan that sits lower than most American cars, and this also works to my favor. Just as I pretend to be showing off unintentionally when out "shopping", what I do is make myself appear as though I am deep in though, or day dreaming as I gaze to my left out of the drivers side window, but the entire time I am keenly aware of the vehicle slowly pulling along side of my right side, and I know that as long as the traffic is bumper to bumper or moving very slowly, I know when they pull along side of me, they will normally get a clear look down in to my car, and the warm weather months are the best, although I can do it in the cold weather months as well, but when it is warmer, I wear sexy, more revealing outfits. What I do is I will make sure my "target" gets a glimpse of me, and I am not beiong conceited but I am an attractive woman, so once they see me, and especuially if they see me looking at them, they are more apt to look again in my direction as they slowly pass my car, so once I have gotten their attention, I will watch my rear view mirror, and as they get to within a couple of car lengths behind me, I will make sure my dress or skirt has ridden up my thighs high enough to reveal a hint of the lace tops of my thigh highs. You should also know that I LOVE wearing thigh highs, and specifically lace top thigh highs, because I think they are really sexy and they always make me feel so sexy (and naughty/slutty), and my fav's are black lace top thigh highs. Well, for that matter I love all black lingerie. It makes me feel the sluttiest *blush*, but I do enjoy wearing other colors as well too.
So once I feel them pull along side me, and sense that they in fact did get a peek at my lace tops, I will really put on the lost in thought/day dreaming out of my window look, and as I do it I am looking in the opposite direction of the person looking in to my car so they can openly stare without feeling nervous about me catching them looking, and I usually will slowly squirm in my seat (they cant detect I am doing this) once the car has fallen back a bit, and doing this makes my skirt ride up my thighs even more, until almost all of the lace tops are visible. I get soooo aroused when I feel there eyes on me, and occassionally I do like to snap my head quickly in the direction and catch them looking, and what I do then is once I see them and see them lustfully staring at me and down at my legs, I look at them, then look down at my legs and appear shocked and embarressed that I had revealed so much to them, and hurredly pull my skirt down and continue acting embarressed. I actually have a couple of mini skirts that ride so high that a little of my panties will even show. As I said, doing this turns me on incredibly, and many times I get so turned on that I just have to touch myself. Wait, let me slow down because I am leaving another important piece out about touching myself and ways I like to do this. I know I am jumping around here but I am not a professional writer, so please bare with me. When I masturbate I LOVE to tease myself before I touch my pussy (as long as I have the time). I always pay alot of attention to my nipples first because they are a direct live to my clit. My nipples are ultra sensitive, but given that fact, I LOVE having them played with roughly. Pinched, pulled, twisted, biten, and even clamped *blush* The feeling literally goes straight from my long hard nipples, down through my belly, and right to my throbbing clit! And I love holding back from touching my pussy until I cant take it for another second. I love feeling my cutn becoming wetter and wetter, and I especially enjoy doing this while my panties are still on, because I love that first touch and feeling how incredibly soaked my cunt has gotten. I also LOVE lightly teasing my engorged lips and clit through the soft silky material of my panties, and when I finally give in and reach between my spread trembling legs, I literally gasp out loud when I touch the silky material and find it is completely soaked.

So many times, these showoff sessions during my commute force me to need to attend to my over heated cunt, and as soon as I am out of traffic and driving at a normal speed, I cannot stop myself from masturbating, but unless traffic is non existent, it is usually too difficult for me to make myself cum while I am driving because there are so many things needed to focus on while driving on an inter-state highway, so usually I will either wait until I arrive home to cum, but other times when I cannot wait and NEED to cum so badly it cannot wait, I have pulled in to a few particular rest areas on the highway, found a secluded corner, locked my doors, reclined my seat, and shamelessly fingered my soaked cunt unitl I came hard right then and there.
Well, I cant get in to it now, but once there was a man who was driving a camper who I had put on a little show for(unintentionally of course lol)when we were both in traffic side-by-side, but since that time 20 miles had passed and he was no where in sight (and I had sort of forgotten about him) when I pulled in to the rest area, so I found a good spot, locked my car and made myself cum soooo intensely, and typically when I masturbate, I usually always have my eyes closed because I am usually lost in one fantasy or the other, and it helps me keep outside distractions from interfering. Anyway, so I was sitting in my seat languishing in that just came so hard feeling, when I opened my eyes and realized someone was parked very close to me and was staring in to my car with a huge smile on his face. It took me a moment, but then I realized it was the man in the camper that I had teased earlier. I could not see much, but I could see his shoulder moving and it was very obvious he was jerking off. I quickly and nervously pulled my skirt down, and quickly drove away as I stared in my rear view mirror, and hoping he would not follow me. My heart was POUNDING! If anyone likes, I can tell the entire story another time, so let me know mif this is something you would like to hear me talk about. Then after the nervousness/fear started wearing off as I thought about what had just happened, I started to get super turned on AGAIN, because I then started thinking about what he saw me doing, and how close he was. I am sure he also heard muy moansd as well, because I am usually very vocal and can be quite the moaner.

Well, lunchtime is over so I should do some work lol.



  1. Driving in my car I do some of this too!


  2. Pamigirl,

    It's nice to find someone as horny and slutty as I am.

    Love your writing.

    -Whore Amy