My new God!

My new God!
How can any woman, married or otherwise, resist a cock like this?

One of my favorite bras

One of my favorite bras
Because it is a demi/half cup bra, and the slightest movement will cause my hard nipples to spill over the

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night. 7 bbcs in total used me *blush*

Hubby witnessed me totally out of control last night.  7 bbcs in total used me *blush*
and he was made to clean up every drop of their cum :-)

My Perky Nipples

My Perky Nipples
On Display

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just got home from the hotel

So suffice to say that I am very tired, and my first order of business today is to get some sleep because my body needs rest after the workout my bull and his 6 hung BBC friends gave my holes last night. Omfg, even as a I sit hear, chills are still running through my body because even as exhausted as I am, cerian images and feelings are still so fresh and vivid in my mind, and the smell of cum is eminating off of my body, and my hair has dried cum everywhere *blush*
As used as my cunt was last night, I know I will need to finger my horny little cunt and cum to be able to fall a sleep.  My cunt feels soooo well taken care of right now, although my tight little asshole is a bit sore *blush*
In due time I will reveal all of the dirty details from last night, and I am happy to report that I did have a pair of dark black lace top thigh highs that helped hide my scraped knees that resulted from the violent fucking my bull gave me earlier in the week, and I added further protection by wearing black colored bandaids directly over the scrapes, and this made my badly scraped knees barely even detectable.
As my husband drove us home this morning, the inside of our car smelled like cum, and he did not utter one word. As I was looking at my cuck with pride as he drove, I noticed that I was not the only one with dried cum on my neck and hair *blush*
I reached over and lovingly patted the back of his head, leaned over, and kissed his cheek, as I whispered "good boy"  :-)

More to follow, but first I must get some sleep, but even foremost, I first need to make this insatiable cunt cum one last time before I sleep, because my clit is throbbing and talking talking to me yet again *blush*

I LOVE my life today, and soooo LOVE being a slut!

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